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Work Placements

A key feature of all our undergraduate Hospitality and Events Management courses is the opportunity to spend a year in industry through our supervised work experience or placement scheme. At the Oxford Brookes Business School, a year in industry is optional, though strongly encouraged, and takes place in the third year of a four-year course.

Benefits of doing a placement year

  • A year's worth of paid, full-time work experience in a graduate level job before you have graduated. This is a great addition to your CV and helps you to stand out from the crowd when you look for a graduate job.
  • A possible graduate job offer with your work placement employer – many of our students do each year.
  • An opportunity to enhance your customer service and communication skills, which all employers seek.
  • Valuable experience within an industry or job role that supports your future career choice and in an area that interests you.
  • A chance to develop your confidence by working within a suitable industry environment
  • Above all, placements will enhance your skills to help you achieve a better degree and therefore increase your chances of getting an appropriate graduate role in your chosen career.

Supervised Work Experience/ Placements

Hospitality placement
  • The placement should be of a suitable level of responsibility to add value to a degree.
  • The period of work experience/ placement must be full time (a minimum of 37.5 hours per week) and must be for a minimum of 40 weeks.
  • The salary must be commensurate with the placement role and not less than the minimum wage for the country in which the placement is taking place.
  • You must get your placement approved by contacting the Work and Voluntary Experience Services (WAVES) team at before you accept an offer. This guarantees it will count towards your programme of study and ensures you are assigned a placement tutor.

How we can support you

  • During the second year of your degree you will take the Placement Preparation and Search module. On this module, you will receive support with your search for a work placement role and develop techniques and skills useful at interviews and during trial shifts.
  • Additional support is also available from a dedicated placements team who are located within the school.
  • During your supervised work experience/ placement year, you will receive regular support from the school by being assigned your own placement tutor. 

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