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Studying abroad for a few months expands your horizons. You get the opportunity to explore another culture, make new friends and develop your independence. You’ll also gain new skills and insights into the subject you’re studying.

“Studying abroad has been an amazing experience. It has shaped me, made me more confident. I’ve made great friends, and I’ve learnt more about my subject.”

Vishal Vithlani, studied for four months at the University of Technology, Sydney in 2017

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Four students, four questions

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Laura Rogers

RMIT Vietnam (Vietnam branch of Melbourne Institute of Technology)

What was a typical day like?

I’d wake up, get an Uber into uni on a motorbike, meet up with exchange people, then you’d have classes for half a day. Then we’d all sit in the library to get our work done. From Thursday morning whoever was free or didn’t have any uni work would just go to Cambodia, or the was amazing.

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Vishal Vithlani

University of Technology, Sydney

How easy was it to settle into life as an exchange student?

I would say it was very easy. The uni was really good in terms of helping international students feel welcome and part of the community. Our halls had a rooftop terrace where we socialised every night with an amazing view of Sydney. Each floor had a residence networker who created activities for everyone, they planned trips, and there were a lot of things happening.

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James Painter

Queensland University of Technology, Brisbane

What’s the biggest difference in terms of studying, compared with Oxford Brookes?

The biggest difference is the environment that you’re studying in, whether that’s the buildings, the architecture, outside. The weather is mostly 30 degree heat all of the time so the option to study outdoors is there and there are lots of outdoor study spaces. Sometimes I studied on a rooftop overlooking Brisbane which was just breathtaking.

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Federica Burani

Hong Kong Polytechnic University

What were your top 3 things about your time in Hong Kong?

Firstly you get the amazing experience of living and studying abroad - and all that contact with different cultures. Secondly you get confidence - because you know you can tackle the world by yourself. And finally, on exchange you make friends that last a lifetime - they become your family.

Next steps

We hold many events throughout the year where you can meet the study abroad and exchanges team and learn more about opportunities to study or work overseas.