Staff Parking

The University operates a virtual parking permit system. Staff will need to create / sign into their virtual parking account to make a permit application.

Where possible, we encourage sustainable travel and have a variety of Staff Travel Offers.

Staff permits are subject to eligibility criteria, and an associated daily tariff charge will apply for each day you park on campus during peak hours (07.00 - 16.30, Monday to Friday). Permit tariff rates are based on your salary pine point, full details can be found in the FAQs webpage.

Permit holders can pay the daily parking charge via their virtual parking account or the ‘pay and display’ machines in the car parks. As the system is virtual, linked to vehicle registration, there is no need to display a physical permit or daily ticket.

Possession of a permit does not guarantee a parking space.

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Virtual parking account - Online payment system

Staff can sign into their staff parking account and select the “Online payment” icon to purchase Top ups (pre-paid parking credits) via the “Top up” link. 

You should use the “Book” icon to redeem a Top up credit, confirming that the vehicle is on site for a particular day. A step-by-step guide can be found on the parking webpages.

You can log into your virtual parking accounts from a mobile device, so Top ups can be purchased and redeemed upon arrival, whilst sat in or walking from the vehicle.

As there is limited campus parking, Top ups should only be redeemed once the vehicle is parked. Please be aware that Top ups are not refundable or transferable between permits.

Staff operational parking

To reduce driving between campuses, Transport Services can issue faculties/ directorates with intersite bus passes that allow free travel on the BROOKESbuses.

Intersite passes are for business / operational travel use only and should not be used for personal commuting.

Please email for further information.

Departmental Vehicle Loan Permits

To facilitate University operational needs, departments may purchase a departmental Vehicle Loan Permit. They are for occasional business use only, to allow a non-permit holder the opportunity to park on campus.

Vehicle Loan Permits are chargeable and valid for an academic year (1st Sept - 31st Aug). Departments can submit an application and view the full terms and conditions.

Vehicles displaying a Vehicle Loan Permit are permitted to park in the applicable University car parks and are exempt from the daily tariff charges, however the permit must be clearly displayed in the windscreen of the vehicle, and abide by the University parking policy.

Departmental Vehicle Loan Permits are the responsibility of the department and all use should be recorded.

Event parking exemptions

Outside of the standard parking conditions to facilitate operational requirements, faculties / directorates can submit an Exemption Request Application, where full terms and conditions and applicable charges can be found.

Any exemption request will be carefully considered as parking is limited and may impact other areas of the University. Applications should be submitted at least 2 weeks prior to the event date to allow time for review, applications after this time may not be able to be considered.

Outside of peak hours, Oxford Brookes University car parks are available for public use. During these times, any exemption request will need to be for a minimum of 50 spaces / vehicles.

For approved exemptions, temporary permits will be issued to the applicant to distribute to the appropriate individuals. These permits will need to be clearly displayed in the vehicle windscreen whilst parked on campus during the exemption period.