Staff Travel Offers

  • Staff at Oxford Brookes University can take advantage of a range of transport discounts and offers.

    Discounted travel with University photo ID card

    Oxford Brookes staff can show their University photo ID card, for discounted fares on most buses operating within the Oxford City zone and certain Oxford to London coach services. Click here for further details.


    BROOKESkeys are travel passes that can be used to purchase discounted trips on most Oxford Bus company services, operating within the city zone as well as discounted return tickets to London, Heathrow, and Gatwick. For more information, check the BROOKESkey webpage.

    Interest-free loans for travel tickets and bicycles

    Staff on contracts of 12 months or longer are able to apply for an interest-free loan through the University in order to cover the cost of public transport season tickets. Repayments are deducted monthly from your salary for the period of your pass (e.g. 12 equal payments for a yearly pass). 

    The maximum loan amount is £5000. To apply for a loan, download and complete the Staff Loan Form. The form needs to be signed by yourself and your line manager and sent to the Transport Desk in Lloyd Building on Gipsy Lane. You can send a hard copy through the post or scan and email the document as an attachment.

    If the loan is covering a season bus ticket (including BROOKESbus) then the order will be placed by the Transport Services Team and you will collect your pass from the Transport Service Desk once it is ready.

    You will be liable for any outstanding payments should you leave the University before finishing the repayments. If you wish to keep the ticket, the remaining payments will be deducted from your final salary payment. If you do not wish to keep the card, hand it in to the Transport Services Team and we will arrange a cancellation. A refund for the outstanding duration of the ticket may be issued. This would be at the discretion of the bus company who issued the ticket.

    If the loan is covering a season train ticket or bicycle then the total loan amount will be placed in your bank account and you will need to purchase the ticket. Once purchased, you will need to forward a copy of the receipt to Transport services.

    As you will be purchasing the rail ticket or bicycle directly from the applicable company, you will be liable for any outstanding payments should you leave the University before finishing the repayments.


    Easit is a national company who promote greener travel solutions. They offer various discounted travel offers as well as a journey share scheme called easitSHARE.

    BROOKES Staff can register for an easit account for free. Once registered, members are able to view a full list of travel discounts and can choose to apply for the easitCARD online and join the easitSHARE.

    Further details can be found on their website

    EasitCARDs (£5.05 per year)

    Some of the travel discounts offered through easit will require an easitCARD. Once you you have an easit account you can purchase and easitCARD. 

    The card can give a range of benefits such as:

    • 15% discount of Great Western Railway routes to Reading, Oxford, Maidenhead, Wokingham & Farnborough North. Discount is valid on: Peak & Off Peak, Singles, Returns, Weekly, Monthly, Quarterly, Six Monthly, Annual and First Class tickets. Singles & return tickets can also be purchased online from the easit website.
    • 10% discount in-store off New Bike purchases & 15% off Servicing & Accessories with Walton Street Cycles
    • 12% discount off Cycle Hire charges with Bainton Bikes
    • 10-20% discount at Halfords. Discount will vary depending on purchased item and is only available for in store purchases.
    • Exclusive discounts for easitMEMBERS on monthly & annual policies with Eversure Insurance
    • Free 2 week 'Taster Tickets' are available on Arriva bus route 280 service from Oxford to Thame and Aylesbury

    Discounts are not limited to those listed above and may change. For full details and the online application form, please visit

    EasitSHARE - a journey share scheme.

    EasitSHARE is a journey share scheme managed by easit. Oxford BROOKES Staff will need to create an easit account to have access to the easitSHARE scheme.

    Along with car sharing journeys, the easitSHARE will also allows members to register walk, bus, cycle or train journeys as well as car sharing options, in case they would like some company on their journey.

    When you register a journey you want to share, you will be able to choose some criteria details of the type of individual that they would be comfortable sharing the journey with. You can also limit your journey to solely the easitMEMBERS at Oxford BROOKES, the Local easitOXFORD network or the full easit network. Your journey will only appear in the searches of easitMEMBERS who fulfill your criteria details.

    Like other journey share schemes, searches will only show basic details for possible sharers. EasitSHARE members can inquire about possible journey shares with an individual and an automated email will be sent out from easit. This email will contain the requester's basic information and ask the individual to accept or decline the journey share offer. If accepted then the two individuals will be able to contact each other directly to discuss specific journey share details.

    If guidance regarding the scheme is required, Easit have provided Transport services with guidance notes. Please email Transport services for further information.

    Easit can also be contacted directly on

    Campus Park and Ride

    Due to the high demand for parking within the Oxford ring road and limited car parking spaces being available at the Oxford BROOKES university car parks, The University has extended the Campus park and ride scheme.

    This scheme sees staff committing to parking at either the Wheatley or Harcourt Campuses, rather than inside the Oxford Ring road. Members of the scheme will receive a travel pass on their BROOKESkey, to allow free unlimited travel on the BROOKES Buses.

    This aims to not only reduce the demand for parking at the Oxford BROOKES University car parks, but to reduce traffic congestion and pollution within the Oxford ring road and encourage the use of public transport.

    Please click here for a link to submit an application and review the terms and conditions.

    NUS Extra Discounts (£12/year)

    Just like students, staff are able to apply for an NUS Extra card and enjoy a range of discounts such as:

    • 10% discount off Advance Cross Country train tickets (Online only at or through the app)

    • 25% discount off National Express bus tickets

    • 10% discount off tickets

    Apply for your NUS card by visiting

    Bike Doctor

    The Bike Doctor offers an on-campus, while-you-wait maintenance and repair service. Labour is free - you only need to pay for parts.

    Booking isn't necessary, but should you wish to do so, bookings can be arranged by emailing Please be sure to include the time and date that you wish to book and as many details about your bike as you can (e.g. make/model, nature of work to be done).


    Gipsy Lane - Outside the Sports Centre.

    Harcourt Hill - By the bike racks behind the bus stop.

    Wheatley - College Close Junction (left-hand side).

    Marston Road - car park behind Main Lecture Theatre.

    For dates, times, and locations please refer to the Transport Events Calendar.

    In addition, we recommend inflating your tyres every 3-4 days and cleaning your chain twice a year to remove build-ups of dirt and reduce the risk of damage.

    Cyclescheme (Tax-free Bicycles and Equipment)

    Staff on contracts of 18-months or more can purchase a bicycle (and accessories) tax-free through the Government's Cyclescheme. The amount is paid off monthly as a deduction from your gross salary. Bikes must be purchased from a Cyclescheme partner retailer. For full details of the scheme, please visit HR's Cyclescheme webpage.

    Brompton Folding Bike Hire

    Bikes can be hired from Oxford Rail Station. Registration costs £10 a year and bikes can be hired for £2.50 a day. More details at

    Cyclists Expenses Claim

    Remember if you are member of staff travelling for work purposes, you can make a expenses claim of 20p a mile. Just fill in an expenses claim form as normal.