Our Travel Plan

Interim Travel Plan (2016-18)

Oxford Brookes currently has an interim Travel Plan in place covering 2016-18. You can find out why we have a plan and read about its key objectives on this page and download the full Interim Travel Plan.

Why have a travel plan?

Travel plans are a strategy for managing the access to a development site with a particular focus on helping to meet the travel needs of the users of the site with an underlying target of reducing the impact of car travel. In association with this, the promotion for the greater use of public transport, cycling and walking and where possible reducing the need to travel are all important issues.

Aims and objectives of the Travel Plan

The overall aim of the Travel Plan is: β€œTo raise the awareness of having a more sustainable environment for all users of the site, which promotes a range of lifestyle and travel choices and reduces reliance on the private car.”

The objectives of the Travel Plan are to:

  • reduce the impact and frequency of car travel, with particular focus on reducing single occupancy car trips
  • increase the accessibility of the site to wide range of people
  • improve the health and well-being of site users
  • promote and improve awareness of the travel plan process
  • prepare for geographical changes to the University as set out in our Estates Strategy.

An evolving University

We believe that the transformations outlined in our estates strategy will have an effect on the travel patterns of both staff and students and so we see this as a real opportunity to try and influence the travel behaviours at the University. With many changes happening across our campuses, we feel an interim travel plan to cover the years of greatest change will allow us to be flexible when planning for the future.

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