Bus and Coach Services in Oxford

  • Oxford Brookes staff and students

    Oxford Brookes University students and staff can use their University Photo ID for on-bus discounted fares.

    Discounts include; £1.20 single trips on Oxford Bus Company and Stagecoach services (applicable only to the services operating within the Oxford city zone), as well as £10 returns on the Oxford to London X90 and Oxford tube services. Just show your valid student or staff photo ID card to the driver.

    If your University ID does not have a photo,you can visit the campus IT Service Desk Point where a photo will be taken and your new card issued to you. Salto access may not be automatically updated on to new ID cards, Campus receptions can direct you to the nearest salto update point.

    BROOKESkey changes

    With the University ID being accepted as a flash pass for discounted travel, after 30 November 2018 you will no longer be able to use your BROOKESkey as a flash pass. From the 1 December, the BROOKESkey will only be able to be used by preloading discounted travel products to the card.

    You can purchase BROOKESkey products at either of the Oxford Bus Company travel shops in the Oxford City Centre, online through your BROOKESkey account or at the Oxford Brookes Transport Services Desk on Headington Campus. Please note that online purchases may take up to 3 hours to be downloaded to the BROOKESkey, please visit the Oxford Bus Company website for further information.


    The BROOKESbus (operated by Oxford Bus Company) connects Brookes Campuses with the Halls of Residence and the City Centre.

    The Brookes Union also operates a Student Safety Bus to help stranded students get home.

    Oxford Park and ride Services

    The city of Oxford benefits from an extensive bus travel network with various park and ride sites located near the Oxford Ring road

    In the case of the Bicester park and ride, this is located on the outskirts of Bicester and services travel to the Oxford city centre. However some of the Stagecoach S5 services stopping at the Bicester park and ride, will also stop in Marston and at the Headington campus.

    For travel to the Headington Campus.

    The Oxford Bus company 400service runs between the Thornhill Park and ride and the Seacourt Park and ride, with a stop just outside the Oxford Brookes Headington campus.

    The Stagecoach 700service operates between Kidlington and the Headington area, with stops at the Water Eaton Oxford parkway Park and ride and the Headington campus.

    The Oxford Bus Company U1 BROOKESbus stops on the main road just outside the main Thornhill and Seacourt Park and rides. This service will stop at the Headington, Wheatley and Harcourt campuses as well as the Oxford city centre. Journey times from the Park and rides to the Headington Campus take around 20 minutes

    Various buses also offer journeys to the JR hospital in Marston, with stops a short walk away from Oxford Brookes Marston Site.  

    The Stagecoach 800Service operates from the Thornhill Park.

    The Stagecoach 700service will stop at the Water Eaton Oxford parkway Park and ride.

    The Oxford bus company X13/X3/X3 operates from Abingdon to the JR hospital with stops at the Redbridge park and ride and the just outside Clive Booth student halls and the Marston site.

    The U5 BROOKESbus will also stop outside the Marston site.

    For travel to the Wheatley or Harcourt campuses, the Oxford Bus Company U1 BROOKESbus links both campuses as well as the Headington Campus.

    This service also stop on the main road just outside the main Thornhill and Seacourt Park and rides. The Thornhill Park and ride is about a 5/10 minute bus journey away from the Wheatley campus and the Seacourt Park and ride  is about a 5/10 minute bus journey away from the Harcourt campus.

    Oxford Bus Company and Stagecoach are the city's main bus operators and provide services within Oxford as well as offering connections to London, Heathrow, Gatwick, and the rest of Oxfordshire.

    Further details on Park and Ride services and locations as well as the services offered by Stagecoach and Oxford Bus Company buses can be found in the links below.




    A full list of operators, as well as links to their services, can be found below.

    Never Miss A Bus

    See when the next bus is due by visiting the NextBus or Oxontime websites.

    Access live departure times on your phone by downloading the Oxontime app: iTunes - Windows Phone

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