Student parking


Changes to parking from 1 September 2024

We are implementing a new car parking management system in September. Information about new permits and daily charges are below.

Please note, in accordance with Oxford City Council planning regulations, students living in University Halls of Residence continue not to be permitted to have a vehicle in the city or at their accommodation. Where possible, we encourage anybody commuting to University sites to use sustainable and public travel options and we offer a variety of student travel offers.

Student permits from 1 September

A new car parking management system comes into effect from 1 September 2024, at which point all current student parking permits will no longer be valid across all Oxford Brookes sites. Students will be invited to apply for a new permit from September 2024. Further details on how you apply for these permits will be available soon.

The current eligibility criteria for student permits will remain the same for students moving forward, however daily parking charges will increase from 50p to £1 and motorbike permit holders will need to pay the associated daily tariff payments.

If your permit expires before 31 August 2024, you will need to renew your permit but this will not incur a cost. Current daily charges remain in place until then.

Eligibility criteria

Student parking permits are available for the Harcourt Hill and Swindon campuses, subject to the eligibility criteria outlined below.

  • Harcourt Hill Campus: students living in a private residence (not University Halls of Residence), outside the 1km exclusion zones located around Harcourt Hill Campus (OX2 9AT), and Harcourt Hill is their main campus of study.
  • Swindon Campus (Joel Joffe Building): students living in a private residence (not University Halls of Residence), outside of the exclusion zone of 45 minutes’ public transport journey, and Swindon is their main campus of study. Please refer to the public transport map and bus operator websites (journey times are based on timetabled schedules at peak travel times).

Please note, that there is no parking available for students at University sites inside the Oxford ringroad (including Headington Campus, Marston Road Site, Clive Booth Student Village, Warneford Hall, Paul Kent Hall, Crescent Hall or Warneford Hall.

Permits and daily charges

Permits cost £24 for the academic year (September - August), with tariff rates applicable when parking on site. See the eligibility criteria above.

Peak hours (defined as 7.00am and 5.00pm, Monday to Friday):

  • Daily charge - £1.00
  • Half day (4 hours or less) - £0.50
  • 2 days - £2.00

Off-peak hours: Free

Special permit types

On-site parking permits may be available to support commuting or residential purposes, or those subject to specific medical circumstances.

Existing student permits until 31 August

The existing eligibility criteria and an associated daily tariff charge apply for each day you park on campus during peak hours (7.00am - 4.30pm, Monday to Friday). The current eligibility criteria and tariff charging for students will remain in place until 31 August.

These pages will be updated when the new car parking management system comes into effect.

Permit holders can pay the daily parking charge via their virtual parking account or the ‘pay and display’ machines in the car parks. As the system is virtual, linked to vehicle registration, there is no need to display a physical permit or daily ticket.