Student Car Parking

  • The University operates a virtual parking permit system. Students will need to create / sign into their virtual parking account to make a permit application.

    Student parking permits are available for the Wheatley, Harcourt Hill and Swindon campuses. No student parking is available at Headington Campus (including Marston Road), except for students with a valid council issued Blue Badge permit. 

    In accordance with Oxford City Council planning regulations, students in University Halls of Residences are not permitted to have a vehicle in the city or at their accommodation. 

    Where possible, we encourage sustainable travel and have a variety of Student Travel Offers.

    Student permits are subject to eligibility criteria, and an associated daily tariff charge will apply for each day you park on campus during peak hours (07.00 - 16.30, Monday to Friday). Full details can be found in the FAQs webpage

    Permit holders can pay the daily parking charge via their virtual parking account or the ‘pay and display’ machines in the car parks. As the system is virtual, linked to vehicle registration, there is no need to display a physical permit or daily ticket.

    Please be aware that possession of a permit does not guarantee a parking space. 

    Virtual parking account - Online payment system

    Students can sign into their virtual parking account and select the “Online payment” icon, to purchase Top ups (pre paid parking credits) via the “Top up” link. They can then use the “Book” icon to redeem a Top up credit, confirming that their vehicle is on site for a particular day. A step by step guide can be found on the parking webpages

    You can log into your virtual parking accounts from a mobile device, so Top Ups can be purchased and redeemed upon arrival, whilst sat in, or walking from the vehicle. 

    As there is limited campus parking, Top ups should only be redeemed once the vehicle is parked. Please be aware that Top ups are not refundable or transferable between permits.