Student information

  • Student information

    Welcome to Oxford!

    With its blend of culture and community, Oxford is the perfect student city. There is plenty to see and do and an array of places to eat and drink, so it’s easy to find something whatever your interests or budget.

    For more details, take a look at the Welcome to Oxford handbook which Brookes Union have put together.

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  • Be a good neighbour

    Moving into rented accommodation will be a new experience for most of you. It's an exciting part of being at university which comes with challenges and responsibilities. We're here to help you with useful information and advice so you can get the most from the experience.

    Living in rented housing means you are a member of the community in which you live. Your neighbours may not be students, so why not introduce yourselves? That way, if there are any problems you can talk to your neighbours about any issues more easily.

    Noise and parties

    • It is courteous to tell your neighbours if you plan to have a party. Try and agree a mutually acceptable day (usually a weekend) and time for the party to end. Once you've agreed, do your best to stick to it.
    • Consider sharing a contact number with your neighbours so that they can call or text you should they have concerns.
    • Be considerate of your neighbours. They may be elderly, have young children or have to get up early each day.
    • Remember most people are sleeping between 11pm and 7am. Any loud noise or music will disturb people’s sleep so please be considerate.
    • Keep music and noise to a reasonable level, especially bass levels on your sound systems.
    • Close all windows and doors to stop noise from carrying.
    • Remember you are responsible for your guests. Ask them to keep the noise down when they enter and leave your property.
    • Invite a reasonable number of guests. Too many guests in your property or garden means more noise and the party may become unmanageable.
  • Rubbish and recycling

    Rubbish is one of the biggest cause of complaints about student properties in Oxford. You can help reduce this problem.

    In Oxford, household rubbish and recycling are usually collected on alternate weeks. You can find out when your collection days are on the Oxford City Council website. You can also register to use the text reminder service, which many of our students find helpful.

    Don't forget:

    • You can be fined for putting your rubbish out too early.
    • Leaving rubbish on the street or in the garden attracts vermin, looks unsightly and smells.
    • You are collectively responsible as a household for the actions of each other and your guests.


    We strongly encourage you not to bring a car to Oxford.

    Car parking is extremely difficult in Oxford and many residential roads around campus are subject parking restrictions (such as double yellow lines and controlled parking zones). Wheatley and Harcourt campuses have limited parking and Headington or Marston Road have none. If you want to park on campus you must buy a parking permit but will not be eligible for one if you live in halls or locally.

    If you do park in the community, please remember to be considerate:

    • Don’t block people’s driveways
    • If you’re parked on the road, make sure emergency vehicles are able to pass
    • Consider your neighbours who need to park outside their homes, such as elderly neighbours or those with young children.
  • Volunteering

    We encourage our students to become active citizens in the community. Volunteering opportunities range from long term sustainable projects to one-off micro-volunteering activities.

    Brookes Hub

    Brookes Hub aims to empower students to create a positive impact in the local community. You can get involved with social and environmental challenges through our local volunteering projects, conferences or by setting up your own project or social enterprise.

    If you are a student and would like to get involved or want to get in touch, please visit our website.

    Brookes ID

    BrookesID was created as part of the project to enhance the student experience. Students can use the BrookesID app to find and take part in activities outside of their area of study. They receive recognition for their efforts and monitor their achievements throughout their studies via the app.


    The Brookes careers team offers a platform and encourages all Brookes students to volunteer while studying at Brookes. The careers website offers links for students to search by sector, established local, national and international charities. More details here.


    OxClean is an annual event run by the Oxford Civic Society in partnership with Oxford City Council. The aim is to help keep Oxford a clean and tidy city. Brookes supports this annual event by promoting to students as a volunteer opportunity and Brookes Student Community Wardens (link) carrying out litter picks around East Oxford, Harcourt Hill and Headington areas.

    British Heart Foundation

    In May each year Brookes work in partnership with Oxford University to get involved with the national ‘Pack for Good’ campaign. Students donate their unwanted clothes, shoes, electrical items, books, DVDs and CDs to the BHF to sell in their charity shops. This work has the potential to raise £100,000 from students in Oxford.

    You can read our news story or find out more about our involvement with British Heart Foundation.