Benefits to apprentices

Apprenticeships are an exciting way to earn, learn and receive a nationally recognised qualification.

  • You learn the knowledge, skills and behaviour to confidently achieve a job role and benefit from a workplace mentor /supervisor to support you through the apprenticeship
  • 20% of your work time is dedicated to off the job training and learning via the university
  • They are a fantastic alternative to full-time university as you benefit from access to university learning, knowledge from leading academics as well as putting learning into practice and access to resources such as the library and wellbeing team.
  • As you are working and balancing study, you are progressing your professional development and career all the time and building those all important work-based skills - time-management, project management and team-working
  • As an employee you also benefit from paid time off and the other employee benefits
  • Oxford Brookes University offers higher and degree apprenticeships from level 5 to 7 so there are options to gain a master’s qualification too.