How we work with employers

Our specialised UK Partnership and Apprenticeships team will work closely with you throughout the process to advise on everything from initial enquiries, funding and contracting right through to enrolment. We offer apprenticeships in the fields of architecture, healthcare, management, real estate and teaching, with many more in development. We work with employers to design and deliver apprenticeships, and our portfolio is continually evolving to address future skills gaps.

Understanding your requirements

Our specialists will initially discuss your training requirements, advise on industry standards and tailor a programme where required to best suit your objectives.

Sourcing and recruiting top talent

We can help you attract the best talent for your programme; supporting you to find and assess new candidates.

Offering exceptional learning

We offer an exceptional learning environment at Oxford Brookes from our excellent physical and online learning spaces and facilities relevant to each programme, to our teaching staff who combine real-world knowledge (in their field) with academic excellence.

Mentoring and support

Each apprentice is assigned both a mentor and an academic adviser and has access to a team of student

co-ordinators dedicated to helping them with any questions they may have about university life. We also hold tripartite meetings with the academic tutor, apprentice and mentor to review and evaluate progress.

The application process

1. Enquiry/expression of interest comes in from an employer.

2. We contact you to discuss your needs.

3. We conduct an initial assessment of the support available to the apprentice and suitability of the proposed position.

4. Candidate is interviewed and if deemed eligible, a Commitment Statement and Apprenticeship Agreement are signed.

5. We agree a contract with you.

6. The apprentice is enrolled as an Oxford Brookes student.

7. The apprentice attends an induction into the programme.