Benefits of apprenticeships for employers

Attracting quality candidates for new roles

Higher and degree apprenticeships are highly attractive to well qualified candidates who are looking for a way to combine work and study. The apprentice earns while they learn so they don’t have to choose between undergraduate or postgraduate degrees and gaining professional experience. Apprentices gain valuable work experience as they study and are able to make a significant contribution at work during and after their apprenticeship. Your investment in apprenticeships can also contribute to employee loyalty amongst new post holders and the growth of a positive learning and development culture in your organisation.

UK Partnerships and Apprenticeships

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Helping your existing employees to reach their potential

Higher and degree apprenticeships can offer a way for you to invest in talented employees. You can support them to take the next step in their career by undertaking undergraduate or postgraduate training in a discipline relevant to their job role. By making a commitment to offer apprenticeships, you increase the chances of up-skilling and retaining talented staff who make a significant contribution to your organisation.

Draw down levy funding to cover training and assessment costs

Employers with a pay bill of £3m or more can use their levy funding to meet all or part of the tuition costs for an apprenticeship. The development of degree and higher apprenticeships offers an alternative way for employers to train employees to undergraduate or postgraduate level. This could prove more cost effective than sponsoring students through traditional undergraduate or postgraduate programmes.

Shaping apprenticeship training and assessment

Employers are engaged as active partners in training, often providing support such as workplace mentoring. This means you can contribute directly to shaping your employees training in partnership with the University. An investment of this kind can contribute positively to the recruitment and retention of skilled employees and to the professional development culture of your organisation.