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    Testing/product development

    Oxford Brookes conducts testing and supports product development through a variety of centres and research groups. Examples of specific testing and product development services offered by the University include:

    Material and Product Development

    • Tensile and Torsion Testing
    • Stress Concentration Mapping
    • Finite Element Analysis
    • Moiré Interferometry
    • Cryogenic Testing
    • Photo-elasticity Testing

    Construction and Infrastructure

    • Integrity testing for cladding materials
    • Flexural Strength Testing for pallets and support structures
    • Static Load Testing
    • Concrete Cube dry density and strength testing for both quality monitoring and material development
    • Load Cell Calibration


    • Microscopy and Immunocytochemistry
    • Nutrient Analysis
    • Protein expression optimisation
    • Geographical information systems analysis

    Human Performance

    • Physical, physiological and metabolic testing of athletes
    • Fitness Programmes for all

    For more information about these services or to discuss specific requirements you have that are not listed here, please contact the Research and Business Development Office.

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