Entrepreneurs in Residence

The Entrepreneurs in Residence (EiR) scheme engages individuals with the background, experience and enthusiasm to deliver entrepreneurial and related insights and support work for our students, staff and stakeholders.

Entrepreneurs in Residence (EiRs) are part of a network that aims to provide learners and staff at OBBS and across the University with rapid access to a broad and deep base of knowledge, experience and contacts. Specifically, they will be providing insight into the challenges of creating and growing a business, and how an entrepreneurially-minded individual can succeed.

As well as providing inspiration for our students, Entrepreneurs in Residence are embedded across the Business School, contributing their thinking and insights into new programme development, community engagement and knowledge exchange.

Entrepreneurs in Residence are selected according to criteria including their potential contribution, ‘fit’ with the Business School ethos, and engagement with relevant subject areas. Actual activities may vary between the Entrepreneurs in Residence, but may include some of these activities:

  • Delivering School-wide lectures to staff and students
  • Participation in network events & discussion forums to aid the development of OBBS teaching and research
  • Contribute to OBBS programme development
  • Providing insight into current issues
  • Signposting / providing opportunities for live industry projects
  • Guest lectures on programmes
  • Providing mentoring to students and/or staff
  • Attending graduation ceremonies
  • Acting as an OBBS ambassador to provide wider links/contacts to enhance OBBS activities

Our Entrepreneurs in Residence are:

  • Fran Boorman, Founder, Goal 17
  • Adrienne Bloch, Founder, Bloch Solutions
  • Simon Biltcliffe, Founder and CEO, Webmart
  • Renee Watson, Founder and Head of Explosions, The Curiosity Box