The Dean's List

The Oxford Brookes Business School Dean’s List is a prestigious award aimed at celebrating those students who have made an exceptional contribution to the School, recognising not only academic excellence, but also a sustained contribution to the mission and vision of the School reflective of the University’s Guiding Principles.

Mission: Inspiring minds with insight and ambition

At Oxford Brookes Business School our focus is to inspire all of our learners and partners through our education and research, bringing insight and raising ambition. Our colleagues are themselves inspiring minds, with the ambition to advance insight through teaching and research.

Vision: Unlocking change and transforming futures together

At Oxford Brookes Business School we want to be a catalyst to enabling and enacting change. We are committed to making a real difference with the individuals and organisations we engage with, and to the communities that we are a part of. 

University Guiding Principles

Inclusivity: We take positive steps to create an environment in which we celebrate, value, and provide equal opportunity to all.

  • Enterprising Creativity: We’re adaptable and flexible, and consider a fresh approach in everything we do - because we know our sustainability depends on a pioneering spirit.
  • Generosity of spirit: Our students and staff manifest a generosity of spirit as they progress in the world by being open and willing to share their abilities, knowledge and experience, sometimes making difficult decisions, but always in the interest of the wider community.
  • Connectedness: Our academic excellence is underpinned by a history of learning by doing. Our connections and our Oxford roots are fundamental to our students’ and staff members’ experiences and our successful future.
  • Confidence: We have confidence in our staff and students, and we know that we prepare our graduates well for a fulfilling and valuable life. Through their success, we continue to earn our outstanding reputation.

Benefits of the award

The Dean's List is open to final year undergraduate students and final year postgraduate or PhD taught students at Oxford Brookes Business School. The Dean encourages all students to work towards this award, the benefits of being awarded a place on the Dean's List being:

  • a personal reference from The Dean
  • a personalised certificate
  • recognition of academics, peers and parents/guardians
  • invitation to a special awards event prior to graduation
  • exposure to external business networks.


2023/2024 Semester 1

Our congratulations go to all the recipients of the Award who have either achieved outstanding results academically, have participated in activities that promote environmental sustainability and social responsibility or have exemplified the University’s Guiding Principles during their time at Oxford Brookes Business School. We wish them all the very best as they embark upon their professional journeys.

Undergraduate Studies

  • Marcelo Honorio Campos BSc Economics, Finance and International Business
  • Kyrylo Stetsenko BA Business and Management
  • Wiam Rochdi BSc Economics, Finance and International Business

Postgraduate Studies

  • Ray Cyrus Gomes MSc International Business Management
  • Rashidat Tewogbade MSc Digital Marketing
  • Vedika Narsaria MSc Marketing Communications Management

Previous Winners

How to apply

The Dean’s List will be run twice a year to accommodate both September and January starters. Students should complete an application form and submit it together with any supporting evidence (eg. references, certificates etc) to Christel Söderholm, 

We will be unable to consider any applications received after this time.

Successful applicants will be notified within 4 weeks of the application deadline.


In order to be eligible for the Dean’s list, students must fulfil one or more of the criteria listed below.

1. Academic Excellence

In this category, students must demonstrate both strong and sustained all-round academic performance and specific excellence in an area of their programme.

  • Undergraduate students are expected to be predicted to achieve at least a 2:1 in their final degree classification
  • Postgraduate students are expected to be predicted to achieve a Merit in their final degree classification
  • PhD students are expected to successfully obtain their Doctorate

Students must also demonstrate that they have excelled in a particular area(s) of their studies and exceeded the requirements of their programme. Examples of such excellence might include particular commendation from a placement employer, the notable impact of a consultancy project undertaken as part of a module, or special recognition arising from the presentation of research findings at an academic conference.

2. Social Responsibility and Environmental Sustainability

In line with priorities of the School, students evidence active and impactful participation in activities that promote environmental sustainability and social responsibility to bring about positive change. This might include significant contribution to charitable organisations, active participation in volunteering activities, work that benefits the local area, and participation with environmental initiatives.

3. Oxford Brookes Business School Life

Students should demonstrate how they have exemplified the University’s Guiding Principles during their time at Oxford Brookes Business School and how their activity has positively impacted the School. The Guiding Principles and Associated Exemplar Behaviours can be found in the University 2035 Strategy. Examples of such activity might include the leadership of societies or clubs (‘connectedness’), activity to positively support fellow students (‘generosity of spirit’), proactively working to promote ‘inclusivity’, or entrepreneurial activity to support positive social change (‘enterprising creativity’).

Students are encouraged to speak to their Academic Advisors and Subject Co-ordinators who will be able to offer advice relating to the type of experience which should be included in an application and the supporting evidence to be submitted. It is important that students do not simply list types of experience, activities, and membership of societies, etc. Students should explain how these examples demonstrate impact on Oxford Brookes Business School and how they demonstrate that the student has fulfilled the relevant criteria for the Dean's List Award. An example of a winning application can also be viewed online.

Judging of the Dean's List

The applications for the Dean’s List are judged by a Panel comprised:

  • The Dean of the Oxford Brookes Business School
  • An Associate Dean of the Oxford Brookes Business School
  • A member of the People and Culture Steering Group
  • A Visiting Industrial Fellow or Entrepreneur in Residence

Whilst the Panel’s judgement is final, unsuccessful applicants can request summary feedback on their applications.

The First Year Challenge

First Year Undergraduate and Postgraduate students can start to develop their skills and understanding of the values of the Dean’s List by taking part in the First Year Challenge.

The Challenge is an opportunity for students to demonstrate what they have achieved during their first year and how they are going to achieve the standard to become a future Dean’s List winner. The task is to submit a short self-made video to showcase the student’s future self in three years’ time. The content should be framed around what the student has achieved during their first year, and what achievements are hoped to be gained during their university studies, which contribute to the School’s Mission and Vision.