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    • 15th Annual Coaching and Mentoring Research Conference

      15th Annual Coaching and Mentoring Research Conference

      We would like to invite you to our one-day annual conference that showcases research conducted by Masters and Doctoral students in the International Centre for Coaching and Mentoring Studies, as well as guest speakers from other Universities. The focus will be on research methodologies and findings and how research can contribute to better practice in the field. The conference is of interest to all practitioners, academics and students of coaching and mentoring. It attracts a wide variety of practitioners and researchers and hosts internationally acclaimed coaches and coaching researchers as keynote speakers.
      17 January 2019

    • Brexit Britain

      Brexit Britain

      Frances O’Grady addresses the key unresolved Brexit questions affecting working people.
      06 February 2019

    • An Evening with...Maisie Williams

      An Evening with...Maisie Williams

      Maisie Williams will start by talking a little about her career, how she progressed as an actress, why she created her app, Daisie, and what Daisie hopes to do for those in the creative industries.
      07 February 2019

    • Digital Marketing Basics Masterclass

      Digital Marketing Basics Masterclass

      This Masterclass will discuss how digital technologies have accelerated changes in the marketing environment, presenting both challenges and opportunities.
      13 February 2019

    • Applicant Day

      Applicant Day

      Our special Applicant Day is an opportunity for prospective undergraduates who have received an offer from us to find out more about being a student at Oxford Brookes.
      16 February 2019

    • Brookes Science Bazaar 2019

      Brookes Science Bazaar 2019

      Rock your mind and discover what our world is made from in our 'Explosion of Elements'.
      23 February 2019

    • Postgraduate Open Evening

      Postgraduate Open Evening

      Our Postgraduate Open Evenings are an opportunity to find out everything you need to know about postgraduate study at Oxford Brookes.
      05 March 2019

    • The Business Plan for Peace

      The Business Plan for Peace

      Dr Scilla Elworthy shows us how to step out of helplessness in order to build a world without war.
      13 March 2019

    • Happiness is Just a Goal Away

      Happiness is Just a Goal Away

      Dr Christian Ehrlich examines the links between motivation, goals and happiness.
      20 March 2019

    • A Bluffer

      A Bluffer's Guide to Being an Entrepreneur

      Allegra McEvedy shares how her brilliant career has at times been anything but…
      27 March 2019