Interested in a Master's degree or an MBA? Join our webinars.

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Careers in Data Science and AI

15 April 2024 - 15 April 2024

The Alan Turing Institute, The Brilliant Club and Oxford Brookes University presents…

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Sustainability led communication - Guest lecture from Jonathan Arthurs

17 April 2024 - 17 April 2024

Please join us for a guest lecture from our Visiting Industrial Fellow, Jonathan Arthurs, on the topic - Sustainability led communication

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Unlocking Strategic Innovation- Innovating for competitive advantage

17 April 2024 - 17 April 2024

This course will help Senior Executives, Entrepreneurs and SME owners understand how innovation can help organisations to grow, adapt, be more resilient, and outcompete rivals.

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Business Improvement for Operational Excellence

22 May 2024

Customer demands are always changing. Businesses need to constantly evolve and continually improve to stay competitive. This means using available resources as efficiently and effectively as possible.

Meet our Business School Undergraduate Final year Entry Students: Live panel webinar

23 April 2024 - 23 April 2024

Want to know what it’s like to study our Final Year entry courses at Oxford Brookes Business School? Join our live panel webinar and find out.

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Senior Leader and Senior People Professional Apprenticeship Webinar

23 April 2024 - 23 April 2024

Register to attend: Oxford Brookes Business Schools' webinar on 23 April

Oxford Brookes Business School Doctoral Programmes

24 April 2024 - 24 April 2024

This live webinar and information session will provide information on our doctoral opportunities in Oxford Brookes Business School.

Oxford Brookes Global MBA: Live webinar and course information session

25 April 2024 - 25 April 2024

Our live webinar and information sessions introduce you to the Oxford Brookes Global MBA and help you to understand how this flexible programme can work for you.

Meet the students - Postgraduate study at Oxford Brookes Business School

30 April 2024 - 30 April 2024

Our 'Meet the students' virtual events offer prospective students the opportunity to hear directly from our current students.

MSc Marketing Suite of Programmes: live webinar and course information session

30 April 2024 - 30 April 2024

Our live master's webinars are a fantastic way to find out more about studying for a master's degree in a marketing related subject at Oxford Brookes University.