Finance for Strategic Thinkers

Learn how financial information is used to monitor and control the business, to inform strategic decision making, and gain the confidence to discuss financial issues with finance professionals.

Finance infographic

The course will run online and across two mornings: 9am-12pm on 1 May and 8 May 2024.

The objectives of the workshop content are as follows:

  • Critically evaluate the role of, and methods used for, performance management within an organisation

  • Evaluate the role of non financial information in performance management and budgeting

  • Analyse, apply and discuss techniques and models for assessing strategic finance decision

The workshop will be fun and interactive, with lots of worked examples and case studies.  At the end of the course, you will have a deeper understanding of what the financial information might be telling you, and the questions you might want to ask. 

£250 per person

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