Sustainability for Businesses

In this practically-focused programme you will develop priorities and an action plan for sustainability in your organisation.

Earth in hand

Understanding sustainability is increasingly important for organisations and their stakeholders. Gaining additional insights into issues relating to sustainability in your business, will strengthen how you spot opportunities and avoid risks. 

This practically-focused workshop will enable you to:

  • Grasp what we mean by sustainability. Learn more about business models for sustainability and identify what they mean for your organisation

  • Map out environmental and social impacts as they relate to your organisation, i.e. who is interested and why is it important to communicate sustainability for enhanced reputation

  • Understand what businesses can do to rewire business approaches and to integrate sustainability. Develop priorities and an action plan for sustainability in your organisation

Through networking, and sharing expertise with other local organisations you will have an informed understanding of your current position and potential value-creating opportunities.

£250 per person

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