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Elective Modules | MBA

  • The Oxford Brookes Global MBA offers you the opportunity to specialise. Through collaboration with academic departments across the university, our extensive range of elective modules, along with your choice of dissertation, consultancy project or business start-up plan allows you to concentrate your studies on the sector or function in which you currently work or aspire to work in.

    Some electives are delivered weekly on campus, some are taught as an intensive block, either in one week or over a long weekend, while others are delivered online.

    You choose two elective modules. However, if you are an ACCA member and have been granted 30 credits of exemptions you choose only one elective.

    Electives change from time to time and are updated to maintain relevance to the global business environment.

    MBA Elective Modules

    The following elective modules are exclusively available to MBA students:

    Digital Strategy and Leadership

    You will learn about the organisational challenges and opportunities for digital innovation and transformation. You will understand the strategic and leadership issues managers face and the concepts, theories and frameworks to use in response. You explore developments in digital technologies and how to develop and justify digital strategy. You will learn about the importance of IT leadership, management and the changing relationships with IT experts and business personnel.

    This module is studied by distance learning.

    Entrepreneurship and Enterprise Development

    Entrepreneurial people learn by doing, often within the context of uncertainty. You will be taught in a way that encourages responsible entrepreneurial behaviour. You will have the opportunity to gain real, practical-based experience whilst working on a company project. We aim to develop your entrepreneurial aspirations by promoting your values and self-belief.

    Studied on a block basis on campus and involves a study trip.

    Global Marketing Strategy

    The growing nature of global business has led to an increase in global marketing strategies. You will learn about how to create sustainable competitive advantage within the world market, developing products that have universal application and appeal. Because more and more companies now face competition from overseas, you need to know how to compete in a challenging global economic market.

    This module can be studied by distance learning or on campus on a block basis.

    Planning for a New Business Ventures

    You will develop the necessary skills to start and run your own business, or to be involved in the growth of an existing business. You will evaluate business models in terms of their economic viability, ability to deliver and quality of deliverance. You will create your own business plan for a new venture or an existing business.

    This module can be studied by distance learning or on campus on a block basis.

    Project and Contract Management

    You will focus on principles, practices and techniques vital to leading and managing business projects. You develop the skills to ensure projects are delivered on time, to a high quality and meet budgets. You explore project environments and the critical role of stakeholders. Approaches and techniques to plan, control and deliver projects successfully give you the essential tools for decision making. You learn to influence and negotiate with stakeholders and to understand the commercial and contractual aspects of supplier management.

    This module is studied by distance learning.

    Strategic Accounting and Finance

    Your study will be focused around the corporate lifecycle. You will develop your knowledge of business models, techniques and theories, while learning more advanced methods, applying your new knowledge to a company's strategic position. You will engage in individual problem solving and group investigations, exploring issues in financial management through case studies, exercises and virtual presentations.

    This module is studied by distance learning.

    Service Marketing and Operations Management

    While studying this module you will raise your awareness of modern management theories, relating to both public and private service operations. Your work will build upon the expertise within our teaching team, using simulations, modelling and case material to put you in analytical decision-making roles. We will critically assess commercial practices and question similar roles within the public sphere.

    This module is studied by distance learning.