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We work with a range of partners to provide opportunities for energy, water, and waste improvements.

Savings in an organisation’s running costs can be much easier than the effort of generating the same from new income. Equally, knowing your company’s carbon footprint can highlight quick wins that benefit the environment and enhance reputation.

EiE’s assessments help review costs and environmental impacts at your premises to determine high priority solutions.We provide feasibility studies comparing various solutions to help you make a sustainable decision.

Our training packages help ensure your staff develop relevant skills and are able to apply them effectively in workplaces. We develop awareness campaigns to help measure people’s behaviour and find innovative methods to engage your audiences.

Latest opportunities

  • Energy assessments for SMEs and funding opportunities in Oxfordshire as part of Energy Solutions Oxfordshire.
  • Reviewing energy and water as part of Action on Carbon and Energy in Schools (ACES).
  • Nominate an organisation in your community to receive energy and renewables support.

If you would like to work with EiE or have any questions, please contact us.