Energy and water assessments for SME businesses in Oxfordshire

There are over 1.33 million small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs) with 1 to 249 employees in the UK compared to 7,285 large businesses with 250 or more employees.

We support SMEs and other organisations to identify energy opportunities, engage contractors for competative quotes, arrange loan financing, support installations, and validate quality and savings achieved. 

For organisations considering switching to electric vehicles, Hello EV provide fleet vehicle analysis and EV charging advice, supported through OxFutures.

Head to Energy Solutions Oxfordshire to see how we can help you or if you have any questions.

EiE is delivering energy and water assessments for the OxFutures project, which is helping to grow the low carbon economy of Oxfordshire as we transition to zero carbon. Many aspects of the project will help with SME resilience and growth. Eligible Oxfordshire SMEs can apply to receive a fully funded energy assessment of their premises from EiE at no charge. 

Image credit: Carlos ZGZ

“The recommendations are highly informative. They will be most useful as we move forwards.”