Energy, water, and waste solutions to support community buildings and churches

Sustainable communities need communal buildings with space for a range of enriching activities. 

EiE has worked extensively with village halls, churches, and community centres to provide comfortable and efficient buildings. Whether hall committees are seeking to reduce costs, manage carbon, maintain their building, or simply refurbish and re-decorate, retrofitting energy saving and other measures will improve the resilience of community spaces.

EiE provides energy, water, and waste solutions to support community buildings and churches. Please contact us to find out about current funding opportunities for assessment and implementation.

Latest opportunities

Energy assessments for Oxfordshire and area community buildings may be funded through the Low Carbon Hub. There are often a number of fully funded assessments available. You can nominate a community building to be placed on the assessment waiting list here.

If your community building is located elsewhere in England, please get in touch with EiE about how we can help.

“It’s so cold in the winter that no one will book our hall.”