Major Incident Planning and Business Continuity

Planning for restoring business continuity in the event of a major incident is an ongoing process within the University’s governance and management processes. Business continuity systems aim to respond appropriately to major incidents as they arise. They do this by reviewing current plans in place for the University, faculties and directorates to deal with major incidents, and by anticipating potential new risks to the University’s ability to maintain business as usual operations.

The essential aim is to ensure that in the event of a major incident (flood, fire, etc) the University can get back to normal as quickly and effectively as possible, and to ensure that there are plans in place to meet specific disturbances to the University’s operations.


Business Continuity

Emergency contact details

If you believe that a crisis is developing involving the University, staff, or students, please call Security: 

  • 01865 60 3060

Major Incident planning documentation

The University’s Major Incident Planning (MIP) and Business Continuity (BC) pages can be found at this intranet link.

Gary Mattingley, Major Incident & Business Continuity Manager