Insurance and Risk Management


The University purchases a wide range of insurance covers relating to its students, staff, physical assets and potential liability to others. The Oxford Brookes University Insurance web site provides:

  • information about the main insurance covers purchased by the University
  • roles and responsibilities of faculties and directorates
  • general advice and good practice on the management of insurable risks
  • access to certificates of insurance and other insurance related forms
  • links to insurance related web sites.

For more details, please visit the Insurance Google Site (requires a Brookes login).

Insurance and risk management

Sathika Wickremesinghe


Risk Management

The risk management policy of Oxford Brookes University is to adopt best practices in the identification, evaluation, and cost effective control of risks to ensure that they are controlled or reduced to an acceptable level. 

All employees must understand the nature of risk and accept responsibility for risks associated with their area of authority. The necessary support, assistance and commitment of senior management will be provided.

The Risk Management web pages include:

  • a brief overview of R.M. theory
  • access to the University’s Risk Management Policy Statement, which includes information on the roles and responsibilities of staff and key management groups
  • a summary of the University’s approach to R.M. and some of the key R.M. procedures in place.

For more details, please visit the Risk Management Google site (requires a Brookes login).

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