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    Applied Theology Press/Westminster Wesley series

  • Articles on Wesley and his Time, Methodism in Europe, Methodism's response to Women's and Racial Issues, and Methodism in its Regional and Social Context. ISBN 1 874677 02 6
    Articles on John Wesley's Premonitions of Inter-Faith Discourse, John Wesley's Practice of Intra-Faith Love, Pure Universal Love Thou Art, The Grace that saves. ISBN 1 874677 03 4
    Articles on John Wesley and Education, Wesley's schools at Kingswood, the Methodist Influence on National Education Policy, Public Education in Northern Ireland, JH Rigg and Education, and Contemporary Methodist perspectives on Higher Education and Religious Education. ISBN 1 874677 95 6
    A Resource Required by Laity, Religious and Ministers ISBN 1 874677 05 0
    Includes the proceedings of the first Westminster Wesleyan Theology Conference (1996). Contents: Wesley's Pragmatic Theology (John Munsey Turner), Wesleyan Theology for a World Context (Philip Meadows), Wesleyan Witness in an Interreligious Context (Elizabeth Harris), Wesleyan Responses to Poverty (Timothy Macquiban), Economics from a Wesleyan Perspective (David Deeks), Wesleyan Reflections on Ecology (John Harrod), and John Wesley'sEschatology (Herbert McGonigle). ISBN: 1 874677 10 7
    Beyond the Boundaries is a collection of studies developed from papers given at the Wesley Historical Society Conference at Hartley College, Manchester, in 1996.The published volume contains essays by Donald English,Richard Heitzenrater, Peter Barber, John Lenton, Dorothy Graham, Peder Borgen and J.A. Millard. The contributions explore a range of topics, including eighteenth- to twentieth-century Methodist preaching practices, the historical roles of women Sweden and South Africa. The conference was convened under the title ‘Preaching in the Wesleyan Tradition’, which forms the subtitle of this collection. ISBN: 1 874677 41 7
    This revised edition is an up-date of the Directory of Methodist Libraries created by the Wesley Centre, Oxford in 1996 (Westminster Wesley Series No.5) providing information on libraries whose holdings are dedicated to the study of Methodism, as well as institutions which may hold material of interest to Methodist scholars among broader holdings. The revised edition features a number of collections not included in the original edition. ISBN 1 874677 15 8
    God’s Own Story? derives from papers presented to a Wesley and Methodist Studies Centre conference in 1999. ISBN: 1 874677 06 9
    Methodism across the Pond? derives from papers presented to Wesley and Methodist Studies Centre conferences in 2000 and 2001. It includes papers by David Chapman, Tim Macquiban, Brian Beck, David Carter, Neil Richardson, Randy Maddox and Clive Marsh. ISBN: 1 874677 08 5
    A collection of papers dealing historically with varying aspects of Methodism and education, including contributions by Prof Edward Royle, Dr Clyde Binfield, and Rev Dr Tim Macquiban
    Published for the Wesley Historical Society. ISBN: 1 874677 09 3
  • Selections of postcards from The Methodist Church Collection of Modern Christian Art are also available.

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