Choosing modules for your course

Module registration is part of the process of managing your own programme of study, selecting the modules that you intend to study in a particular academic year/s. During Induction Week, you will meet your tutors and your Student Support Co-ordinators (SSC's) who can help you with your module registration.

In order to register your modules you must complete your academic and financial enrolment first. You will register your modules using your student information portal, this cannot be done through Moodle.

As part of module registration, you will need to register your compulsory modules and register your choice of optional elective modules for the Spring Term (January - May, 2022) or Summer Term (May - August, 2022).

Once you have enrolled online, your modules and your timetable may not look complete; this is because the information will continue to be updated before you start and then confirmed in Induction Week. By the end of Induction Week, you will see your full timetable and have all the modules you need registered.

The deadline for registering your modules is 5.00pm on Thursday 20 January.

Undergraduate students

You will be studying on a modular degree programme. Some of the modules for your subject(s) are compulsory and cannot be changed; some of your modules may be optional and can be changed. Please note that in your first year, you can only study Level 4 modules. You will study Levels 5 and 6 modules in your second and third years.

Once you are fully enrolled you will be able to access your programme of study through your Student Information. You may need to register up to two optional modules for Semester 2.

Postgraduate students

Depending on the programme you are enrolled on, some of the modules are compulsory and some may be optional. Your programme administrator will advise you which modules are required. 

Exchange students

In order to have full-time student status, you need to study 4 single modules worth 7.5 ECTS credits per semester (or 30 ECTS in total per semester). You can additionally register for a language module without extra cost. You can find the modules you have chosen on your offer letter and in your Student Information. If you need to review your modules please contact your Academic Advisor. 

Academic English and free language modules

The deadline for Academic English modules is 5.00pm on Thursday 20 January. If you miss this deadline, then please email if you need to add/drop any Academic English modules.

The deadline for free language modules is 5.00pm on Thursday 20 January. Any other changes (set changes or deletion) will need to be done by 5.00pm Friday 4 February.