Travelling in Oxford

The University is committed to delivering sustainable travel for its students, staff and wider community. For local travel, we encourage the use of public transport options like the BROOKESbus network. Cycling is also very popular and a common way to get around the city.

 Road closure

Due to improvement works on Oxford Rail Station, Botley Road in Oxford will be closed from April to October 2023. This may affect your journey to campus.

Read about the Botley Road closure


Apply online for your BROOKESkey account to access inclusive and/or discounted travel on Oxford Bus Company services, including their city, park and ride, and BROOKESbus services and airline coaches.

Did you know? All new students receive free BROOKESbus travel for the first few weeks of semester! Check for a welcome email on Monday 11 September with the QR code and expiry date.

Brookes bus at Headington campus

Oxford Bus Company helpdesk

If you need help with your BROOKESkey application, or need any general advice on bus travel in Oxford, come to the helpdesk to speak to representatives from the Oxford Bus Company.

  • Monday 18 and Tuesday 19 September
  • 11:00am - 4:00pm
  • The Forum, John Henry Brookes Building, Headington Campus


The Bike Doctor offers an on-campus, while-you-wait, maintenance and repair service. Labour is free - you only need to pay for parts. There are also great offers on second hand bicycles.


Students should not bring a car to Oxford as there are no car parking spaces available on campus or at halls, unless specific arrangements have been made (for example, PGCE students studying at Harcourt Hill Campus are able to obtain parking permits). Please note that in many hall of residences, it will be a condition of the tenancy that you must not bring a car with you.

If you will be living in halls of residence and you plan to arrive by car, please follow the instructions you will be sent by our Accommodation Bureau. We will have arrival slots for different halls and you will be sent your arrival slot nearer the time. There will be parking available for a limited period while students move in.

During semester time, there is no parking on the Headington Campus unless specific arrangements have been agreed prior to arriving.

For more information, email