Oxford Centre for Staff and Learning Development

  • The OCSLD offers high quality internal and external learning and development to Oxford Brookes staff, global higher education providers and the local region.

    External clients use our consultancy expertise and resources to develop or deliver their own internal learning and development support for their staff or to deliver local or whole-organisation change. We also run courses, in Oxford or online, that are open to fee-paying individuals who meet any attendance requirements. Popular courses for external participants include those recognised by the Institute of Leadership and Management, workplace coaching and those to support Higher Education teachers. 

    Staff at Oxford Brookes can access our work-based learning delivered as online courses, bite-size workshops, networks and events, through one-to-one coaching and as structured study programmes that may lead to a qualification or professional recognition. Our approaches allow Oxford Brookes people to develop and deliver excellence in their varied roles and achieve their career ambitions. Academic development needs are met through an holistic CPD framework that comprises support for teaching practice, teaching scholarship, research, knowledge exchange and leadership within the first three years following appointment and then on-going throughout an academic career.   

    OCSLD’s experienced organisational and educational developers work with leaders and managers, at Brookes and beyond, to develop tailored approaches to meet team and broader organisational skills and capabilities needs.