• Mission

    To support the University’s mission through the provision of high quality internal and external staff and educational development, and to undertake research and publish in those areas.

    Principles and values

    • Being client-centred, helpful and responding positively.
    • High quality standards based on scholarship, research, reflection and evidence-based practice.
    • Valuing diversity and promoting equal opportunities.
    • Putting the team first, through co-operation, sharing and generosity.
    • Enjoying our work and celebrating success.
    • Supporting reasonable risks that stretch and challenge.
    • Continuing personal and professional development.


    • Continually refresh and innovate, publicise, deliver and monitor uptake of our portfolio.
    • Consolidate effective partnership working with Faculties and Directorates.
    • Promote a coaching approach to supporting individual, personal, professional and career development.
    • Work proactively with Faculties, Directorates and SMT to generate, develop and support improvements to the student experience.
    • Improve access to OCSLD services through a range of online courses, resources and networks.
    • Modernise administration to provide sector-leading services.
    • Revise research strategy to build capacity toward next REF and institutional research commissions.
    • Re-focus external activities to secure target level of surplus and capitalise on areas of specialist expertise.

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