Brookes Learning and Teaching Conference 2012

  • "Student 2012"

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    The Brookes Learning and Teaching Conference and Exhibition 2012 took place on 26 June 2012 and this year we asked: what it is like to be a student in 2012? The theme of the Conference focused on the current issues for students at a local and global level and how we are responding within and beyond the university. Staff and students were invited to share experiences, break down communication barriers and move into the new era of 'student 2012'.

    The event was a chance to network across the institution with those who are passionate, inspirational or just curious about improving the learning and teaching environment for everyone - staff and students alike.

    Particular subthemes were: 

    • Meeting the challenge of a relevant and internationalised curriculum
    • Engaging students in the life of the University
    • Evidence-based policy development and evaluation
    • Students as [producers...?/consumers...?/co-constructors...?]
    • Networks and communities for professional development
    • Learning with technologies