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  • Quotes from previous conferences:

    "I came away buzzing! There was a real range of thought provoking material, which was mentally stimulating."

    "I really loved the day, finding it both useful and inspiring. The keynote speaker was fabulous - clear, positive, inspiring - she didn't shy away from the challenges, or make them seem overwhelming. She also included lots of good examples of inclusive practice. More generally, it was great to touch base with colleagues from across the university, to find out about their roles and to recognise the common aims we all share."

    "Superb Keynote - an exemplary speaker; expert, succinct and thought provoking, Thank you."

    "The conference was extremely well run. The quality of the presentations was very high. I felt supported for the session I presented. Best of all I have lots of ideas to take forward to incorporate into my work and have met some very interesting people."

    "Excellent keynote, thought-provoking and setting the tone for the day. Really interesting presentations throughout the day - more than usual, but all good, and fitted the themes effectively. Really well organised conference, stylish brochure, tasty lunch."

    "Really enjoyable and valuable day. I left with lots of ideas to take into my own teaching practice. I also was pleased to have the opportunity to present my research. Thank you."

    "I picked up some really useful information that can be adapted and considered for my portfolio of programmes. I thought I would feel out of place, being non academic but felt my contributions were just as valuable. I left feeling that my time away from the day job was justified and will prove fruitful."