• Background

    In 1993, the first Improving Student Learning Symposium was held at Warwick University in England. Since then it has become an established event on the international calendar, with up to 200 participants from over 15 countries at each conference. The major aim of the Improving Student Learning Symposia is to provide a forum which brings together those who are primarily researchers into learning in higher education and those who are primarily practitioners concerned more pragmatically with improving their practice, but from whichever starting point, papers are only accepted if they take a sufficiently scholarly, research-based approach.

    This sixteenth symposium is being held in the historic medieval city of Durham, voted this year ‘best city in the UK’ by readers of the prestigious Condé Nast Traveller magazine.

    We hope that the theme for this symposium – “through the curriculum” – will challenge contributors to consider the role of course design in improving student learning in the ‘taught’ curriculum as well as the effects of the wider, ‘hidden’ curriculum.

    Some of the issues contributors may want to address are:


    1. Problem-based learning and enquiry-based learning
    2. Research-based curriculum
    3. Internationalisation of the curriculum
    4. Global citizenship
    5. Assessment as learning
    6. The student experience and learning
    7. Widening participation
    8. Lifelong learning
    9. Employability
    10. Skills development