Dr Indroneel Chatterjee

PhD, PCTHE, MSc(H&T), MSc(App. Psych), BMM(Journalism)

Senior Lecturer

Oxford Brookes Business School

Indroneel Chatterjee


Dr Indroneel Chatterjee is a senior lecturer in consumer psychology and marketing at Oxford Brookes Business School. He is the faculty's research ethics officer and a subject coordinator for the MSc marketing suite of programmes leading the MSc Marketing, MSc Marketing and Entrepreneurship and MSc International Luxury marketing.

Teaching and supervision


Modules taught

  • Understanding Consumer Behavior,
  • Global Marketing Strategy,
  • Contemporary Issues in Marketing Management

My teaching focusses on imparting an understanding of consumer psychology and sustainable consumption. In particular I am interested in nurturing a feeling of responsibility in the next generation of businesspeople. My teaching methods embrace technology for an immersive and engaging learning experience that encourages open discourse and inclusivity on all grounds. I like my classes to be uncompromisingly honest, inclusive of all diversities and learning styles and performative!


I have supervised several dissertation and research projects across various postgraduate programmes such as the MSs Marketing, MSc International Luxury Marketing, MSc Digital Marketing, MSc Marketing and Brand Management, MSc Business & Management, MSc Marketing & Events, MSc Marketing and Entrepreneurship


Indroneel's research investigates consumer acceptance of novel and sustainable alternatives to mainstream products. In particular, he has a keen interest in entomophagy and lab grown meat research and adoption across various continents. He approaches research using a cognitive psychology perspective and his methods include experimentation, psychometric testing, neuroimaging and subsequent statistical equation modelling. On a broader level, Indroneel is also interested in evaluating how consumers make ethical choices that  lead to to a sustainable future. In doing so, he strongly believes in liaising with educators, businesses, policy makers and the media for behavioral change. 

Research impact

Indroneel has been actively involved in various science and non-science festivals and conferences across the UK, some of which include the European Researchers' Night, Oxfordshire Science Festival and Food Matters Live and more. His research has frequently been featured in the media on channels such as BBC TV, Euronews,  BBC radio, JackFM, Times Radio, Newsweek and other such high impact channels.


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Professional information

Memberships of professional bodies

  • Fellow of the Higher Education Academy (FHEA)


  • Academy of Marketing(AMC),
  • Woven Network,
  • Food Matters Live,
  • Symposium in applying psychology and neuroscience to business. 


I consult externally with SME's to co-create, support and nurture a range of sustainable business ideas and practice.