Aston Pollington

USA, International Foundation followed by LLB (Hons) Law

“The facilities are new, the campus is beautiful, the location is ideal and I think that anyone that wants to have a UK experience without stepping too far away from being international, it’s a great school to come to.”

Why did you decide to study in the UK?

It was mainly because in the States I didn’t get a very international feeling. I’d also always wanted to travel around Europe and that is a little bit more difficult to do whilst in the States. With my UK roots too I thought it would be an interesting decision to come back here and study.

What made you choose to come to Oxford Brookes?

I think the interface I had when reaching out to universities was important. The best communication I had was with the representatives from here, which gave me a really good feeling about the school before I even came and visited. The admissions team that reached out to me were very thorough, understanding and helpful.

Why did you choose your course?

My qualifications were very Science based but I was more interested in the Humanities side of things, so I thought that perhaps coming and participating in this course would give me the right qualifications whilst also getting used to being over here. So after speaking with the admissions team through email they told me about this course and I thought it would be a good fit for me considering what my wants were.

What have you enjoyed the most about your course?

I think the teachers on this course are so great - they’re more like friends than teachers. I’ve never felt uncomfortable when asking something and they will go out of their way to help me with a question or a project.

Would you recommend this course to another student?

If you wanted a slower integration into studying as an international student I think it’s definitely a good choice. Lots of things differ from America, such as there being no general education requirements in college allowing you to come and study one subject and solely focus on that.  I would definitely suggest coming to school in the UK as opposed to going in the States.

What do you like most about living in Oxford?

It’s such an academic area, and it’s so international allowing you to meet such a wide variety of different types of people.  It’s all walkable, which I love. I joined the union, which most people don’t know you can do as a Brookes student but allows you to make connections outside of your school, getting interface with Oxford students. I really like the Botanical Gardens which with a student card you can get in for free. The museums are great too, there are so many.

Do you have any tips for international students coming to Brookes?

I would definitely say just take things as they come. Don’t try to plan too far ahead, because everything is going to be very different than what you’re used to. Also, reach out for support, because you will be given it and it won’t be in a way that’s overbearing or confusing.