17. Fee assessment

i. For the purpose of assessing the tuition fees payable a student will be classified as full-time or part-time.

ii. A student is classed as part-time in any academic year if she/he takes not more than five module credits in that year.

iii. A student whose complete programme of modules for an academic year extends for only one semester, will be classified as part-time if the total of module credits taken is not more than three.

iv. To be eligible for full time Student Support over just one semester the total of module credits taken must be at least four.

v. A student who, being in receipt of Student Support has had the award suspended either voluntarily or through failure, will normally be allowed to pay part-time fees for a semester provided that the total of module credits taken over this period does not exceed three. This is notwithstanding the fact that whilst in receipt of the award for the remainder of that year he/she will be classed as full-time.

vi. A placement may normally only be taken by a full-time student. A student who has been part-time may, exceptionally, on the recommendation of the Programme Lead and with the agreement of the Deputy Director of Academic and Student Administration (Registry), continue as a part-time student during a placement.

vii. A full-time student who takes more than eight module credits in a year will be charged for the excess number. For programmes of only one semester in a year, the excess number will be over four module credits for students with a full-time programme.

viii. A module taken and awarded a DR grade will normally count to the number of module credits taken for the purposes of fees. A module that is retaken because the previous take was awarded DR, will not count to the number of module credits taken for the purposes of fees.