24. Regulations for associate students

i. Associate students

Associate students are those studying a module or a selection of modules for personal enrichment or for the purpose of qualifying for a higher level course or for credit to transfer to an award or for the demonstration of learning already achieved.

Exchange students are normally classified as associate students except where other arrangements have been agreed by the Deputy Director of Academic and Student Administration (Registry).

ii. Awards

The programme of study for an associate student leads to a certificate of credit but does not lead directly to an award of any other certificate, diploma, degree or honours degree.

iii. Admission

An associate student may be admitted only with the approval of the Head of Admissions.

iv. Programmes

Students must normally possess the module prerequisites although these may be waived at the discretion of the module leader.

Level 4, level 5 and level 6 honours modules are available to suitably qualified associate students.

If a limit to the number of students on a module has to be imposed then students registered for an award will take precedence over associate students.

Failure in three successive or concurrent modules will normally preclude associate students from registration for any subsequent modules.

See also Regulation 16 (Fee Assessment).

v. Exceptional circumstances

Regulation 12 and its sub-paragraphs shall apply to associate students.

vi. Grades

As an indication of student achievement for inclusion in the final transcript the Examinations Committee shall award grades for modules according to the scheme in Regulation 14 (Grades) sub-paragraphs (i) - (iv).

vii. Transcript

Upon completion of his or her studies, an associate student may apply to Student Central for a transcript stating the modules passed and grades obtained.