3. Foundation Diploma

i. Students must be enrolled on one of the following programmes in order to be eligible for the award of Foundation Diploma:

  • International Foundation in Arts & Humanities
  • International Foundation in Business & Technology
  • International Foundation Diploma
  • International Foundation Diploma Plus

ii. The Foundation Diploma in Art & Design is delivered under licence with the University of the Arts London (UAL) Awarding Body, and is therefore not covered by these regulations.

iii. To obtain a Foundation Diploma a student must pass, within a period of two years, at least eight acceptable module credits including the Foundation compulsory modules from the appropriate Foundation Subject.

iv. A candidate for a Foundation Diploma is not permitted to include more than four semesters of study within the period of study permitted in 3(i).

v. Modules taken and passed as part of a Foundation Diploma award may not be counted, or re-taken and counted, towards the general requirements for any other award.

vi. This award carries 120 credits at levels 3 and 4 including at least 60 at level 3.