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The members of the Children and Young People Network share a common aspiration: to contribute to research and knowledge-building that will ultimately lead to improving children's and young people’s opportunities, experiences and outcomes.

Rooted in a recognition of the immense diversity in the lives of children and young people, our research responds to an urgent need to better understand those lives from multiple perspectives, and to explore and identify ways of supporting children and young people as they negotiate the challenges, transitions and opportunities of these vital phases of their development.


Our mission is to work collaboratively to advance understanding and positively impact the lives of children & young people.


Our vision is to cultivate a dynamic and thriving research community that is committed to improving the life experiences with and for children & young people. 

Our Research

We conduct research locally, nationally and internationally, and examine how the contexts, cultures and spaces in which children and young people live, learn, play and work impact on their health, development and identity. This includes the opportunities and risks afforded by the digital and physical environments, the effects of discourses about children and young people, and the impact of broader social, economic, educational and health inequalities.

Research Themes:

To read about our wide-ranging research agenda, our values and aims, please see our strategy. 

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