Centre for Nursing, Midwifery, Health and Social Care Research

Director(s): Dr Clair Merriman, Professor Eila Watson

Contact: ewatson@brookes.ac.uk

About us

The Centre seeks to conduct high quality research which: aligns with local, national and international nursing, midwifery, and health and social care practices; influences service delivery; improves patient outcomes; seeks to influence national policy on the nurse education and underpins teaching excellence. 

Our research activities are focused around five key themes:

  • Children and Families (OxCAF)
  • Supportive Cancer Care and Long Term Conditions
  • Maternity and Childbirth (OxMater)
  • Teaching and Learning
  • Workforce.

Group of midwives



  • Dr Helen Green, Director for Education and Development, Oxford Health NHS Foundation Trust
  • Dr Guy Harrison, Director, Oxford Centre for Spirituality and Wellbeing
  • Dr Helen Walthall, Director of Nursing and Midwifery Research and Innovation, Oxford University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust

PhD students

  • Mamdooh Alzyood
  • Emma Blakey
  • Helen Bosley
  • Alicia Diaz Gil
  • Melanie Diggle
  • Monica Duman
  • Leanne Field
  • Carol Forde-Johnston
  • Nadeem Khan
  • Claire Litchfield
  • Sara Matthews
  • Kay McCallum
  • Neesha Oozageer Gunowa
  • Rebecca Parker
  • Ella Reeves
  • Diana Yardley
  • Julie Young
  • Sharon Brownie
  • Hilary Brown

Professional Doctorate in Nursing students

  • Helen Ayres
  • Sally Bassett
  • Maxine Buyanga
  • Samantha Donohue
  • Angela Griffiths
  • Karen Lascelles
  • Lucy Speakman
  • Elaine Strachan-Hall
  • Erin Booth
  • Lynda Dix
  • Alexandra Evans
  • Kirsty Hammett
  • Karen Sheehy
  • Reema D'Souza
  • Victoria Betteridge
  • Claire Coughlan
  • Hayley Lawson-Wood
  • Lian Lee
  • Anne Marland
  • Katharine Mills
  • Lucy Parsons
  • Liliana Rodrigues
  • Helena Masters
  • Michael Fanning
  • Mary Lacy
  • Carmine Ruggiero