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    Centre for Business, Society and Global Challenges

    Oxford Brookes Business School

    Migration, work and organisations

    Bursary: £16,000 pa (with no inflation increase)

    Deadline: The closing date for applications is 21 June 2019 (12 Noon UK Time)

    Interview date: Interviews will be held in week beginning the 8 July 2019

    Start date: September 2019

    Eligibility: Home/EU

    Please note previous applicants need not apply again.

    The Centre for Business, Society and Global Challenges at the Oxford Brookes Business School, Oxford Brookes University is offering a studentship to an exceptional candidate seeking to study for a full time PhD in migration, work and organisations starting in September 2019.

    This full-time studentship, which includes a commitment of seminar teaching to undergraduate students, will be for 3 years, subject to satisfactory progress. The bursary will be £16,000 per annum, and fees will be paid by the School.

    The Project

    Engaging in paid or unpaid work and transition in the labour market are often important in shaping migration trajectories and integration experiences for economic migrants and refugees. Current political, economic and social developments globally have introduced a variety of challenges for migrants and organisations – driving new forms of mobility whilst fundamentally changing the terms of engagement between actors and institutions. We are interested in examining how commercial and non-commercial organisations, and experiences of work within workplaces, shape migrants’ integration into the labour market, alongside their settlement more generally, as well as understanding the distinctive forms of migrant agency that are brought to bear upon these processes. Moreover, the study may also account for how other organisations, including civil society bodies, NGOs and state institutions, impact upon migrants’ entry into work, learning and development, and their broader adjustment to working in the host society, identifying both the scope and limitations for enabling migrant agency within these organisations.

    Applicants are expected to hold a good undergraduate degree and a good Master’s degree at merit level or above in a relevant area of the social sciences (e.g. organization studies, sociology, geography, anthropology or migration studies). Applicants should also be able to demonstrate strong research capabilities, preferably an experience of having conducted fieldwork, and be fluent in spoken and written English.

    We are looking to recruit a candidate of the highest quality and who is capable of submitting a PhD thesis within 3 years. Funding will cover the three year period subject to the candidate making satisfactory progress annually. PhD students will take part in the School’s PhD programme, which offers seminars and training on research methodology as well as a collegiate environment to present work in progress.

    Candidates interested in discussing their proposals can contact the supervisory team: Dr Peter Lugosi ( and Dr Tamsin Barber (

    For more information about research in the Business School visit: /business/research/

    How to apply: To request further details of how to apply, please email:

    Please ensure you quote Migration and work in the email title when applying.




    Faculty of Health and Life Sciences

     Department of Sport, Health Sciences and Social Work

     3 Year Full Time studentship

     Eligibility: Home UK/EU applicants who must be permanently resident in UK/EU

     Closing date: 21 June 2019 (midnight UK time)
    Start Date: September 2019

     Bursary: £15,009 pa

     Fees: Home/EU fees paid by the University

     Main supervisor: Dr Shelly Coe (

    Project Title: Do dietary interventions aid in the recovery from physical activity and improve fatigue symptoms in people with Parkinson’s (PwP) and is this due to altered substrate utilisation and improved mitochondrial functioning.

    Exercise is recommended for people with Parkinson’s (PwP) in NICE guidance. However many people find exercise difficult due to high levels of fatigue. The causes of fatigue in Parkinson’s are not understood, but we propose that fatigue may be due to an altered metabolic response to physical activities resulting in PwP using more energy to perform an activity, and taking a longer time to recover (Collet et al 2017; Mavrommati et al 2017) Dietary interventions could be used to improve during and post exercise fatigue experienced in PwP, and indeed pilot data from our group confirms this.

    During this PhD you will identify, synthesise and appraise the existing evidence in the form of a literature review. You will also co-design the research with patient research members to inform the methods and feasibility study. You will then perform a trial to determine the potential for effect and feasibility of dietary supplementation for fatigue management in PwP with fatigue and determine to what extent the effects are potentially mediated by changes in metabolism, insulin resistance and/ or mitochondrial functioning.

    This is a joint project supervised by Dr Shelly Coe, Dr Maedeh Mansoubi and Prof Helen Dawes. All supervisors have experience in clinical trials in vulnerable groups including those with Parkinson’s, and jointly have expertise in dietary and exercise interventions for fatigue management. You will receive training on performing dietary and exercise interventions for people with Parkinson’s in relation to outcome measures of fatigue and will learn laboratory skills to assess metabolic and mitochondrial functioning.

    Name of Director of Studies (DoS):          Dr Shelly Coe

    Name of 2nd Supervisors:             Dr Maedeh Mansoubi and Professor Helen Dawes

    As part of their Studentship, any successful applicant will be required to undertake up to 6 hours undergraduate teaching/demonstrating a week during semesters on undergraduate practicals without further remuneration. Training will be given.

      Contact: Dr Shelly Coe

    Requirements: Applicants should be of the highest quality and capable of submitting a PhD thesis within 3 years. Applicants should have a first class or upper second class (minimum 2.1) honours degree from a Higher Education Institution in the UK or an acceptable equivalent qualification. EU Applicants must have an IELTS Academic test certificate with an overall minimum score of 7.0 and no score below 6.0 issued within the last two years from an approved test centre. We will consider alternative acceptable evidence of English Language ability.

    Application procedure:

     Applications only to

     Download application form:


    Oxford Brookes University


    Faculty of Health and Life Sciences,


    Department of Biological and Medical Sciences


    3 Year Full Time studentship


    Eligibility: Home UK/EU applicants who must be permanently resident in UK/EU


    Closing date: 31 July 2019 


    Start Date: September 2019


    Bursary p.a.: £15,009


    Fees; to be paid by the University


    Main supervisor: Professor Isabel Bermudez

    Project Title: Building a nervous system: Analysis of transport and assembly mechanisms in synapse formation


    Project Description:


    In order for animals to react to an internal or external stimulus with the appropriate behaviour, the input signals from sensory neurons need to be received, processes and transmitted correctly to the effector cells, e.g. muscle cells. The contact between neurons and their target cells are called synapses. They contain vesicles filled with chemical neurotransmitters that are released into the synaptic cleft and bind to receptors on the surface of the target cell and in such a way pass on the information. The fusion of these vesicles is highly regulated in time and space in the so called active zone within the synapse. However, despite its important function in the regulation of neurotransmission, it is still not well understood how these dense projections are assembled, what their components are and how their shape reflects their specific function. My lab takes advantage of the well characterised nervous system of the nematode Caenorhabditis elegans to tackle exactly those questions. The aim of the PhD project is to take so far uncharacterized mutants with defects in active zone formation and synaptic protein transport and characterise them by functional assays and electrophysiology as well as high resolution Confocal and Electron Microscopy. Additionally, Mass Spec and RNAi screens will be used to identify new components to further understand how these specific connections between neurons are formed to build a functional nervous system.


    Description ends with:


    Please note only EU/UK nationals/permanent residents are eligible to apply for this studentship.  If you are not sure if you are eligible please contact Research Administrator: .  Previous candidates should not apply again.

    There is an additional requirement to undertake up to 6 hours undergraduate teaching/week during semesters and to participate in a teaching skills course without further remuneration.

    Under Funding notes (100 words)


    Applicants should have (or be expecting) a first class or upper second class honours degree from a Higher Education Institution in the UK or acceptable equivalent qualification.  EU Applicants must have a valid IELTS Academic test certificate with an overall minimum score of 7.0 and no score below 6.0 issued in the last 2 years by an approved test centre. We are prepared to consider alternative acceptable evidence of English Language ability.  

    Application form downloaded here:

    Once completed, please email to


    Decision _


    If a DBS check is required on enrolment, the cost of this will be covered by the University.


    Any key words you want to list:  neuroscience, neurotransmission, nematodes, Caenorhabditis elegans, genetics, microscopy



    de Rohan MA by Research Scholarship

    For September 2019 entry, the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences are pleased to offer the de Rohan Scholarship to full-time and part-time students for the following research degree programme:

    MA by Research in History of Art

    The award is for £7,000 per annum for full-time students.  For part-time students the award is spread over two years at £3,500 per annum.

    The full-time award is open to both Home/EU and International students.  Only Home/EU students can apply for the award on a part-time basis.

    Applications will only be accepted from students who have already been made a conditional or unconditional offer by Oxford Brookes University.

    You should apply for your place on the course and then submit your scholarship application.


    The deadline for receipt of applications is 5.00pm on Friday 21 June 2019. They should be emailed or posted to the address stated on the forms below.

    The scholarships will be awarded on the basis of the personal statement. You should clearly explain why you are following the MA course; what you hope to contribute to the course and the discipline; and what you hope achieving the MA will contribute to your career and/or personal development.

    Please find the application form, notes for guidance and background to the scholarship below.

    Background information

    Application Form - Home/EU applicants

    Application Form - International applicants

    There are not funding opportunities available at this time.

    Commonwealth Split-site Scholarships

    Applications are open for Commonwealth Split-site Scholarships for PhD candidates from low and middle income Commonwealth countries to spend 12 months at a UK university as part of their doctoral studies in their home country.

    The scholarships are for study starting in October 2019, and are aimed at high-quality graduates whose proposed research has a developmental focus and who have the potential to become influential teachers or researchers in their home countries.

    Split-site Scholarships are delivered through an institutional or departmental link between the candidate's home university and proposed UK university.

    The closing date for applications is 4 February 2019. For full details, including eligibility criteria and how to apply, visit

    Further information about the Postgraduate Doctoral Loan scheme can be found at