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Developing gender inclusive academic entrepreneurship

This is a collection of tools informed by our project research findings and designed to support institutions and women researchers to develop inclusive academic entrepreneurship. They are free to use and to download but please acknowledge this project as a source. If you use them we are interested to hear about your feedback.

Women and Spinouts: An Overview to the Development Framework for Gender-Inclusive Academic Entrepreneurship

Collection 2: Tools to help develop inclusive academic entrepreneurship

Becoming, Building, Bridging: The 3Bs Framework

Collection 3: Tools to help develop inclusive academic entrepreneurship

Gender-Inclusive Academic Entrepreneurship: A Framework for Higher Education Institutions

Using collage as an inquiry method into gender related processes

This method can be used to take a creative approach to explore women researchers' intentions and attitudes towards academic entrepreneurship and spinouts.   

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Focus group methodology: Co-creation activities for assessing awareness and preconceptions of academic entrepreneurship

This document provides a detailed description of the activities used in our focus group workshops with ECRs. This methodology can be adopted to investigate the attitudes and interest of early and mid-career researchers from underrepresented groups towards academic entrepreneurship and generate data that can be used to develop bespoke interventions.

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Identification of best-in-class existing information on university spinouts and gender inclusive approaches

This desk-based review was conducted in order to identify existing good inclusive practice and highlight examples of information and guidance for researchers considering or pursuing an entrepreneurship path. 

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Speed mentoring for spinout success: event summary & insights

The findings from our research with women founders highlighted the importance of finding ‘relatable mentors’. These are women who have successfully created a spinout willing to share their experiences with o0ther women researchers going through the process of spinning out or thinking about commercialising their research. A speed-mentoring event could be an effective way of facilitating networking with 'relatable mentors'. Read here about our speed-mentoring event and mentors tips for spinout success.  

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Pathways to spinout

Our findings show that there can be different pathways to spinning out a company from university research. The journey often starts with a patent, but not in all cases. There might be intermediate steps to commercialisation such as consultancy and licensing. Public funding, such as grants provided by Innovate UK, can offer a helpful financial springboard at the early stages of the process. From the experiences of women and men founders that we have both directly interviewed and undertaken background research on, we have identified a few examples and highlighted key steps which illustrate such diversity.

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Women and Spinouts: Introduction

An introduction to the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC) funded project 'Women and Spinouts: A Case for Action'. This podcast covers what the project is, the importance of the project and some preliminary research findings.

Inclusive Innovation

In this extended podcast, we are joined by Dr Edward Cole, IP and Commercialisation Manager and Lydiah Igweh, Enterprise Support Manager at Oxford Brookes University. This podcast explored the ways in which the university innovation landscape in the UK can be made a more inclusive space for everyone, as well as highlighting the opportunities available for enterprise and innovation here at Oxford Brookes.