Processes, forms and templates for external researchers

Application process

Researchers from Institutions external to Oxford Brookes University are required to obtain approval from the University Research Ethics Committee (UREC) before recruiting students or staff from Oxford Brookes to their research studies.

Research approved by another Research Ethics Committee

If the study has been given approval from another REC, for example at another institution or an NHS REC, and the researcher would like to recruit participants from Oxford Brookes, the applicant should submit a copy of the full approval letter from their institution, along with their application and any supporting documents to the Ethics Office -

Applying for Oxford Brookes Ethics Approval

Before completing an application, the researcher should contact the Ethics Office to discuss the requirements. An application for research ethics review must be made on the UREC E2U Application Form. A complete copy of the application including all supporting documentation should be submitted as 1 PDF document to Applications will be reviewed by one of the two Sub-Committees. Meeting dates and submission deadlines for applications are on the University Research Ethics Committee tab.