Being sustainable at Oxford Brookes

As an Oxford Brookes University student you will be expected to think about the bigger picture and contribute to a sustainable future. Whether that’s choosing sustainable modes of transport, saving energy in halls, enhancing the local biodiversity or building entrepreneurial solutions to recycling. You can help to keep the University a great place to study for all.

On campus

Top tips

  • find out what can be recycled, and where, with our A to Z of waste guide
  • get 10% discount when you use your own cup to get a hot drink at university managed catering outlets
  • report leaky water fixtures to reception
  • switch off the lights and close windows when you’re the last to leave the room.

In halls

Switch off for a brighter future. Help save energy and water by

  • turning down radiators when a room is warm enough, including kitchens and corridors
  • closing windows when the heating is on
  • switching off lights when not in use
  • switching off appliances at the socket when not in use
  • turning the tap off when brushing teeth
  • using a plug in the sink and not letting hot water pour away
  • taking quick showers.

Waste not want not

Please help us increase our recycling rates. Where possible you can avoid waste by following the instructions on the notice boards, and resident information packs in your hall’s kitchen.

When the time comes for you to leave your hall you can take part in the halls re-use scheme. You simply donate unwanted items and they are sent to charities or given to future students to re-use. For more information on the scheme please contact your hall office.

Unwanted canned / packaged food or toiletries can be donated at the end of your stay at the Oxford Food Bank donation points on site.

There are British Heart Foundation donation points on most of our campuses. You can donate unwanted clothing, shoes, accessories, CDs, DVDs, books, kitchenware and small electrics such as hair-dryers. The profits raised from selling the items go towards the charity’s lifesaving research.

Did you know?

In 2016 students donated 7042 bags of unwanted items - raising as much as £99,288 for the British Heart Foundation’

In the community

Do you live off campus? Do your bit for the city by

Travel with a lighter footprint

Walking, cycling or taking a bus to Oxford Brookes is a great way to take in the beautiful city of Oxford. It also helps you to keep fit and keep the city’s air clean. 

Oxford Brookes actively encourages sustainable modes of travel by offering a great range of transport offers. These include a free Bike Doctor service, discounts in bike shops and bike hires; free or discounted bus travel and even an on-site Car Club. 

Find out more about these great offers on the University’s travel webpages

Bike handle bars

Get involved

  • Brookes Union Environment Team
    Find out who this year’s Oxford Brookes Union Environmental Officer is and get involved with the Environmental Team activities that they lead.
  • Sustainability project ideas
    Do you have an idea to make Oxford Brookes even more sustainable? Contact the Sustainability Team and suggest your idea at