Connected in the community

As an Oxford Brookes University student you will be able to get involved with and contribute to the local community. Your own impact will be valuable and unique and what form it takes will be entirely in your hands. Our role will be to enable you to make the most of these opportunities to develop your skills and interests.

Positive local impact

Take the opportunity to get involved; there are many ways to make a positive difference in Oxford and beyond. From volunteering and gaining funding for your project to becoming a social entrepreneur, discover the impact you can make on the make a difference page.

By taking up these opportunities you’ll not only be making a valuable contribution to the local community, you will also enrich your studies and your future employment prospects.

Tilly Wensley

“The Breakfast Club, run at a local homeless hostel, has ensured that residents have some positivity at a stressful time. Sharing skills, ensuring nutritional intake, and building better relationships are just some of the positive outcomes the support has brought.”

Tilly Wensley, studying Psychology, Founder of the Breakfast Club, set up with funding from the the Student Impact Fund.

Benefits of taking part

By taking part in community activities you'll learn many valuable skills such as how to sell your ideas.

Students who have taken part in our community activities have all reported that their skills, confidence and wellbeing have grown as a result.

“The management skills I’ve developed are certainly transferable. Much of the work that we have completed setting up The Cow Shed was new to me, so I learnt a lot about restoration, carpentry and decorating, which I have already used in other projects.”

Martin Nutt, studying Composition and Sonic Art Co-Founder of The Cow Shed - a community arts space.

At home in the community

Settling into a new city is an exciting and, at times, daunting process. We're committed to making you feel at home as soon as possible.

In the Brookes Charter you’ll find our commitments to you, along with the shared expectations for our students and the University working together in a spirit of partnership.

Our Student Community Wardens will provide help and guidance once you arrive and whilst you get settled in. They’ll also be on-hand throughout your time at Oxford Brookes

Two Student Community Wardens

“I’m from Northern Ireland so I really had to make myself a home away from home. Brookes is a really welcoming place, which has made my move to England a positive experience.”

Chloe Young, Communication, Media and Culture student

Good neighbours

Working alongside this, the House Champion Scheme is a joint initiative run in partnership with The University of Oxford, Oxford City Council and Thames Valley Police.

House champions are individuals in shared houses who agree to manage areas like waste, recycling, and minimising the impact of parties on neighbours. 

Learn more about what it means to be a good neighbour.