Look after yourself and others

Staying healthy while at university is absolutely essential to finishing your degree. This is why we encourage you to connect with other people, foster your creativity and get involved, but also to look after yourself. Go outside. Stretch your legs. Get some headspace.

Keep active

Whether you’re into team sports, competing at a national level or simply want to keep active, Brookes Sport offers a wide range of clubs and classes with high-quality facilities.

The award-winning Brookes Active programme offers a collection of activities, events and campaigns to help you enjoy an active and healthy lifestyle at Oxford Brookes. This includes exercise classes and social sports with opportunities to get a sweat on, learn something new or simply have fun with friends. 

“Dom and I aren't exactly avid sportspeople but we decided to train for the Monster Race obstacle course as an enjoyable way of keeping fit and active. I go to body conditioning circuits, use the gym and have even been dragged to Zumba which was pretty hilarious!”

Ellen Kirk, studying Biological Sciences

Two students taking part in a sport class

Working out problems, together

Student life can be stressful - you're adapting to a new place, new people, new accommodation. All of this can be exciting and enjoyable but it can also sometimes feel overwhelming.

So, at Oxford Brookes, we have made it as easy as possible for you to access excellent support and guidance. Our         Wellbeing team offer support with your academic and personal wellbeing, as well as disability and dyslexia services.

Luke Campbell

“Brookes helped me break down the barriers that dyslexia was putting in the way of my learning. They taught me coping strategies as well as how to use assistive technology. From my experience, the one-to-one support offered by Brookes is second to none.”

Luke Campbell, studied Law, now Research Assistant at the Law Commission


At Oxford Brookes University, you’ll also have access to experienced and dedicated Wellbeing staff to give you help and advice when needed. 

Remember, everyone will at some point experience feelings of stress, anxiety or homesickness. It’s quite normal and it’s okay to ask for support at these times. 

We’ll work together to help you implement strategies to get you through and build your long term resilience. Learn about the full range of wellbeing services on the Wellbeing webpages.

Also have a look at Brookes Union’s Little Book of Wellbeing which includes their top tips on staying happy and healthy at Oxford Brookes. 

For medical help you can visit the Medical Centre located on the Headington Campus’ Colonnade.

“It’s important to pace yourself, and not burn out halfway through semester one!”

Jasmine York, English Literature and Philosophy

Discover your passion

Research shows that those who help others are more likely to describe themselves as happy! Feeling part of a community, and working towards something bigger than your own goals, is an important way of building wellbeing.

At Oxford Brookes, you’ll get lots of opportunities to get involved in your local community, try new things, and find out more about what you love doing. You can turn your passion to action as a social entrepreneur, join a society, suggest your own project and much more.

Explore the range of opportunities and funding pots on the ‘making a difference’ pages, and browse the wide variety of student societies on the Brookes Union pages. 

Two students sat on a bench talking

Help shape your community

At Oxford Brookes, we remain committed to being a university with a tolerant, inclusive and truly international outlook. As demonstrated through events like One World Week.

You are key to helping to shape this culture of inclusiveness.

“Oxford Brookes is a lively and diverse community, and our professional services are here to help you get the most out of your university life.”

Christopher Tuck, Deputy Director of Academic and Student Administration (Student Services)

“Being involved in Brookes Union will help change the experience of students across Brookes, whether this be as an officer shaping university policy, a rep shaping your course or in a society creating a great experience for your members!”

Harry Bower, Brookes Union President

“We aim to raise awareness of EDI and contribute to the development of equality objectives for students through, for example, promotional events. I work closely with Brookes Union and Equality Diversity and Inclusion colleagues in the Human Resources Directorate, as well as a wide range of teaching and support staff.”

Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Team

Get involved

There are many ways you can get involved. For example you could become a Brookes Union Officer - we have dedicated officers for ethnic minority students', international students', disabled students' and a women's officer.

The University also has a dedicated student-focussed equality, diversity and inclusion (EDI) advisor - his role is to provide information and guidance for students or staff on EDI issues relating to the student experience.

Learn more about the initiatives and events we run focused on Equality, Diversity and Inclusion on our dedicated webpages.