Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Strategy

Towards a new EDI Strategy for Oxford Brookes University

We are developing a new Equality, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI) Strategy for Oxford Brookes University. The Strategy sets out our ambitions for the next five years and provides an overarching framework to guide Brookes’ work on EDI. Once finalised and published, it will be accompanied by a more detailed implementation plan, which will identify the actions that we will take to deliver the Strategy. We will provide updates on these pages.

The draft EDI Strategy is organised around six sections and is designed to:

  • put in place a strong supporting framework to underpin effective work on EDI
  • support every member of the University community to embody the Brookes guiding principle of ‘inclusivity’
  • embed EDI considerations into each of the four pillars of the Brookes Strategy 2035.

Consultation on the Strategy

We have sought to make the strategy development a collaborative process, and to ensure that it builds on and is aligned with other relevant strategies and initiatives. Our starting point was a review of existing strategies, action plans and data. We have also met with the senior leadership teams of each Faculty and Directorate over the last few months to listen to feedback about their main areas of interest and concern. 

The consultation meetings were extremely positive, showing high levels of engagement with EDI, awareness of challenges, a strong desire to take action to address them, and a demand for more support and guidance to improve practice. 

These conversations have fed into the development of the draft Strategy and also revealed a number of common themes, pointing to areas that will be prioritised during implementation.

An all-staff consultation on the draft Strategy ran until 8 March. Thank you to everyone who submitted feedback.