The University uses CMISGo, an online portal to enable staff to check availability, book rooms and University space, and cancel bookings in a convenient way.

You can log into the system with just your P number and password. Please select from the boxes below in order to make a one-off room-booking.

Please note that CMISGo is for the booking of meeting rooms only. If you would like to book a larger or specialist space, please get in touch with the relevant timetabling staff.

Book dedicated space

If you do not have permission to book a room and believe you should, please contact Room Bookings. You DO NOT need to request access to CMISGo via ServiceNow. 

Book a meeting room in CMISGo

You can book meeting rooms for this academic year using CMISGo. If the room that you try to book cannot be found on CMISGo, please contact our team at

How to use CMISGo

The following user guides provide step-by-step guidance about the CMISGo software and processes. Please note, the guides can only be viewed by members of Brookes.

“I think it will be very useful when searching for a room. The photos of the rooms are really helpful and you can browse room availability in a specific building easily”

Brookes staff member