How you can help

Space is a valuable resource, and being able to access space when you need it is an important part of student and staff life. 

Booking and cancelling space

In order to ensure that space is available to staff and students, it is important that space that is booked, but no longer required, is released so that others can access it.

It is also helpful if bookings are made for an appropriate number of people, so that space can be maximised and larger spaces are not being occupied by a small number of users.

The team work in an agile manner so we ask that:

Please note, it would be helpful to receive a minimum of seven days notice on all room booking and cancellation requests, where feasible. While we try to accommodate all requests, giving as much notice as possible before the required date and time would make it easier to facilitate your request and find you the best room possible for your event.

Please ensure that all rooms are returned to their original state after use. Failure to do so will impact on the experience of the next room user.

Please ensure that late changes to teaching are communicated well in advance of the event. We aim to respond to emails in 2-3 days.

Your feedback

The Timetabling and Room Bookings team appreciate understanding the needs of all space users, and are interested in hearing about your timetabling and room bookings experiences, both positive and negative.

Please send your thoughts and comments on what we do well or how we might improve our service to