Appendix 1: Rehabilitation programmes

Where, following a period of ill-health/sickness absence, the employee’s health does not allow a return to work to the full duties of the post but a full recovery is expected within one year, the Occupational Health Advisor, Line Manager and Link People Manager, in consultation with the employee, should consider the possibility of arranging a rehabilitation programme.

The aim of the programme would be to:

  • provide an opportunity for the employee to be gradually reintroduced to the workplace at an earlier stage, in a reduced capacity
  • provide an opportunity to assess capability without the pressures of a return to work to full duties
  • provide cost effective assistance to departments that may be employing temporary staff to cover long term sickness absence

Options may include:

  • normal work at reduced hours
  • job modification
  • special adjustments/adaptive technologies
  • retraining
  • temporary redeployment within the Faculty/Directorate or University


  • Rehabilitation programmes should normally last for a pre-defined period, but may be extended in exceptional cases by the Director of Human Resources
  • The programme must be agreed by the employee and Line Manager, in consultation with the Link People Manager and Occupational Health Advisor
  • The programme will be reviewed regularly by the Line Manager and Occupational Health Advisor and adjustments made if necessary
  • When the period of rehabilitation ends the employee will be expected to return to work in their normal employment capacity. Where this is not possible the Line Manager, Link People Manager and Occupational Health Advisor will jointly investigate alternatives, including:
    • permanent redeployment
    • early retirement on grounds of ill-health
    • dismissal on the grounds of medical incapability under the capability procedure
    • negotiated resignation