Childcare vouchers

From 5 October 2018, the childcare vouchers scheme is no longer available to new entrants. The new government scheme called Tax-Free Childcare is the only option available. 

Oxford Brookes staff who are already members of the childcare vouchers scheme may remain in the scheme, or choose to use the tax-free childcare instead if in their particular circumstances this is more beneficial to them.

New members of staff who have previously been a member of a childcare voucher scheme with their previous employer are unable to join the Oxford Brookes University Childcare Voucher scheme, they do however have the option to use tax-free childcare. 

How does the scheme work?

Childcare vouchers are a type of salary sacrifice scheme that means a member of staff gives up part of their salary in exchange for childcare vouchers. Childcare vouchers are exempt from National Insurance and tax up to a capped value of £55 per week/£243 per month so parents will save their National Insurance contribution and tax on the part of their salary they take as vouchers. In real terms, if you receive the maximum of £243 per month in vouchers you can expect to save around £75 per month if you are a basic rate taxpayer or £99 per month if you are a higher rate tax payer.

Oxford Brookes will deduct the amount you take in vouchers from your gross salary in the monthly payroll process and will forward the amount to Computershare Voucher Services, who will then pay your individual childcarer(s) within 4 working days of receiving the payment.

The vouchers can be used for any registered childcare provision - childminders, after school clubs, holiday and activity clubs as well as day nurseries, and nannies who may care for your child up to the 1st September following the child's 15th birthday, or 1st September following the child's 16th birthday if your child has a disability.

Please visit the Computershare website for further information.

What are my payment options?

You pay your carer electronically, using a secure online account to authorise payment. There are three ways to pay a carer:

  • One-off payment: When you want to make a one-off payment to your carer(s) immediately.
  • Recurring schedule payment: When you want to make a regular payment to your carer(s), you can set up a recurring scheduled payment. Recurring payments can be paid weekly, fortnightly, 4-weekly and monthly.
  • One-off schedule payment: When you want to make a one-off payment to your carer(s) at a future date.

What happens if my childcare or account arrangements change?

Please notify Computershare directly. Contact information can be found on the Computershare website. Alternatively, you can contact Brookes' Payroll department.

Updated June 2020