Fair and equitable treatment for all

Oxford Brookes University is committed to the advancement of equality, diversity and inclusion. It seeks, through all its policies and actions, to be a genuinely inclusive organisation, and draws for this on good practice throughout the higher education sector and wider economy with a view to integrating the principles of equal treatment and the promotion of diversity into all aspects of the University’s day-to-day life. This is articulated in our Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Policy.

See Equality, diversity and inclusion at Oxford Brookes.

Managers roles and responsibilities will:

  • ensure that the aims and the values embodied in this policy are appropriately reflected in all job descriptions, person specifications and annual personal development reviews;
  • have due regard to equality issues in all decision-making;
  • investigate whether any groups, including people with ’protected characteristics’, have particular needs in relation to accessing services;
  • ensure that due consideration is given to equality, diversity and inclusion within their own sphere of influence;
  • promote an environment where respect is shown to all, and mutual understanding is fostered;
  • challenge any actions or behaviour which are in conflict with the values and principles laid down in this policy;
  • ensure staff and students know how to report any instances of discrimination, bullying and harassment without fear of victimisation;
  • deal with complaints fairly, thoroughly, quickly and confidentially.