Promotion to Senior Lecturer

 Announcement Following the recent communication from the Vice Chancellor, this scheme will be opened to colleagues remunerated at spinal point 35 or above to ensure that Lecturers paid at the top of the band have an opportunity to progress both their pay and careers. Colleagues eligible to apply with 12 months service or more have been sent a letter to confirm this.

We are pleased to announce that we are now accepting applications for promotion to Senior Lecturer. 

The scheme is open to Lecturers currently paid at Grade 9, points 35 - 37. 

The closing date for submitting applications to the People Directorate is 1 July 2024.  

All applications should be submitted to

Please note that local deadlines for the submission of applications to Heads of Department may also apply.   

If you have any queries contact Jess McGinn, Reward and Progression Partner, via

Academic Progression - Senior Lecturer

We are dedicated to supporting you, as an Academic, to reach your full potential, and achieve success in your chosen field.   

The Lecturer to Senior Lecturer progression pathway is an important step in the Academic Promotions journey that:

  • Recognises performance, achievements and contributions to Brookes.
  • Offers further responsibility and personal development opportunities;
  • Provides the basis for future progression to senior Academic roles.


If you would like to apply for a promotion to Senior Lecturer, please ensure that you meet the following criteria:

  • Employed as a Lecturer at Brookes for at least 12 months (from your employment start date in this position).

  • Your last performance development review (PDR) was successful.

Staff will also need to have either completed or made appropriate progress within the First Three Years/Explore programme.

The Promotions Process


Your application will be assessed by the Senior Lecturer Promotions panel, which consists of Academic and People Directorate colleagues.  

The panel will review the evidence provided and how this aligns with the Senior Lecturer role profile, along with the discussion topics.  The panel will then make a recommendation to the Vice Chancellor.

Outcomes will be provided to applicants no later than 31 August.    

Promotions to Senior Lecturer will be effective from 1 September. 

As a new grade will be applied, this promotion will also reset your incremental progression date to 1 September.  

You will be informed in writing of your new grade and salary, and changes to remuneration, along with title, will be actioned by our Operations team. 

If your application is unsuccessful, feedback will be provided. We also advise discussing feedback with your line manager and Head of Department, who will be able to support you with future applications.


This provides a structure for professional development and the key criteria/behaviours for successful performance.

A tool that can be used for self reflection, identifying career objectives and actions.

This can help you identify your career objectives, and further develop skills, knowledge and behaviours.

These webpages provide further information on Academic development.